Thanksgiving Day
proved to be a day of Thanks on more than one front with the arrival,
mid-afternoon of my MacAir laptop!
The Huyers brought
it on their return journey from Sherbrooke (where they had spent the weekend)
to Ottawa and stayed for a couple of hours working hard trying to restore and
arrange all sorts of elements on the computer. My Godsons happily played with
the toys  keep here for them, ate cookies, drank juice, laughed,
cried etc. as their parents poured over the screen. I managed to continue
with Christmas Baking and preparations for my Thanksgiving dinner with all the action swirling around me! Soon they
continued on their way home and as I sat down to my meal I most certainly gave
hearty Thanks for all the “good gifts” surrounding me!!

     Thus the rest of the week has been spent in a
combination of joy in accessing files and frustration trying to add apps and
tweak various customized settings, all of which had vanished.
    Tuesday afternoon it was fantastic to cycle
down to Diocesan Council and to take the meeting minutes on a properly
functioning keyboard. The following morning I remained nose to the grindstone
typing up minutes and a wealth of documents that had been languishing as handwritten notes over the past month.
   The 2017 Application
Forms have been sent to Wentworth for posting on the website (and this Blog),
Program Manual Chapters distributed to their various editors, agendas
circulated for several upcoming meetings and a vast amount of items ticked off
the long “to-do” list which had been growing daily since the computer crashed.
   On this sunny Saturday I can breath a small
sigh of relief, feeling that at least some, if not all, of my list has been
taken care of. So I’m concentrating on final details of tomorrow’s All Ages
Harvest Thanksgiving Gathering, making a large pot of Minestrone for the Day
Camp committee dinner on Monday, baking gluten-free baguettes for a friend and
caramel popcorn for tomorrow evening’s Crossroads refreshments. Of course the
season of RAKING is now also upon us so an hour or so this morning was devoted
to that task.

 Over the week I managed to squeeze in crafting
12 pairs of “Autumn Fruit” earrings as my contribution to the Fall Coffeehouse
crafts table and yesterday afternoon got them all packaged ready for sale. In
the field of knitting a simple hat was also completed and a second one in the
same pattern has just been cast on the needles.

 Sadly there has not been time to get on with
Christmas sewing but I did manage to alter some Fall dresses, which might help
perk up my wardrobe! As the weather turns colder afternoons will no longer be
spent crafting on the porch so the plan this coming week is to make some real
headway on Christmas sewing projects.

Yesterday afternoon was cold but sunny so Wil
and I set out right after lunch for the long walk to my favourite stationary
store where we selected two special 2017 wall calendars. We have been
purchasing a particular brand of calendar for YEARS and Westmount Stationary is
the only place remotely nearby which stocks them so it is important to go soon
after they arrive if one wants to choose a certain theme. Happily both designs
were in stock, so now the calendars are safely stashed away ready for the New
Year (EEK, is it only two months away??)

With the soup now cooling on the counter, I
think most of today’s work is nearly done and soon it will be time to turn my
attention to dinner. Happily I made Chicken Taco Salad Thursday evening and so
tonight will just be a simple assembling of the prepared ingredients, whew! Tomorrow
evening will probably be a quick sandwich before dashing to Crossroads so it
will be nice to have a special salad this evening.

During the week I did make a super sandwich on
a home baked Panini Roll and thought it would make a nice recipe for today’s
                     Tuna Arugula

1 tin water-packed
organic tuna, drained and flaked
1 cup fresh arugula
2 Tbsps. finely
minced onion
1 Tbsp. capers,
1 tsp. lemon juice
4 Tbsps.  cream cheese
1 Tbsp. fresh
dill, chopped
3 large Panini
In a medium sized
bowl combine the tuna, onion, capers and lemon juice.
In a small bowl
blend together the dill and cream cheese. Spilt the rolls horizontally.

Spread the rolls
first with the dill cream cheese and then divide the tuna between them. Add a
generous handful of arugula to each and place the top on the roll. Serves 3.