Hello everybody! time for another Wednesday Words Post. As we continue in our series written by former Day Campers, today we are hearing from a very recent Camper, Melina De Leon.We are hoping that after a couple of years  as a Local Helper she will soon be ready to join the ranks of the Travelling Teams, as her older sister did last summer! I’m sure you will enjoying her take on the world of Day Camps.

Welcome Melina!

My name is
Melina De Leon and I am 13 years old. I have been attending day camps  as a camper for 8 years.
appreciated all the games we played in the afternoon such as Bible Smugglers,
in which I have learned to not get caught because of all the consequences, and
many more games like Inspector Clueless, water-day games, scavenger hunts which
were really entertaning . A good thing about day camps is that any camper can
join and learn about God instead of staying home.  

morning, we would start with aerobics just to be ready and in shape for the
rest of the day. Then we would sing songs then play a few mini games before
starting  with the story. I really liked
that there was a slideshow  that made us
understand the story better. There was also our furry friend: lamb! Lamb has
the be-e-e-est jokes , loves to eats grass, talks about the bible and the
story, cries and laughs with us and is loved by every camper, including myself.
When we finished with all the songs, we would do devotions where we would talk
about the story in a smaller group of campers depending on the age. I enjoyed
devotions because we were able to hear what the other campers thought about the
story. The creative connections taught me that we could also praise God with a
dance or a play. In the creative connections, I also got to express myself
I was
really happy that I got to see  my
friends for the whole week, spend more time with them and just become closer
with them. I also got to meet new people, either new campers or volunteers from  Crosstalk Ministries. The leaders were really nice and patient towards the
campers. They were always full of energy!

I have
learned that day camps are not just about enjoying yourself but also learning
about all what Jesus has done for us. As a camper I became closer to God, and I’m
very excited to become a local helper next summer of 2017!