Good Morning Everyone! Below you will find our November Wednesday Words (on a Thursday!). I had to wait an extra day for the 2 photos but they have just arrived 😊 I’m sure you will enjoy this second post written by a member of the Day Camp Committee.
Welcome Jillian!
            Hello, Lamb on Day Camps readers! My name
is Jillian Agustin, and I am a member of the Day Camp Planning Committee. This
year, I have been charged with reviewing and developing the Devotional Material
for the Scramblers and Climbers. I studied in Education, and am currently
working as an ESL teacher at an elementary school in Montreal. 2017 marks my 9
year beinginvolved with the ministry of CTM Day Camps.

I joined the Travelling Team as a bright-eyed,
bushy-tailed 14-year old in 2009. It was my first time doing ministry anywhere
other than my home church, First Filipino Baptist. I had no concept of the Day
Camp program or how the summer would unfold, but I knew that I loved children
and I loved God. So off I went, with zero expectations. I don’t think anything
could have ever prepared me for what was to come. Children came to Christ,
communities welcomed us with open arms, and God transformed people’s hearts. That
very first summer stretched and strengthened my faith and I was more than
convinced to come back on Team the next year.

With my very first Travelling Team (L to R): David Gurley, me, and Sam

            Fast-forward to 2015; the last time
I joined the Travelling Team for the full summer. It was my 1st year
as a Training Team Leader, my 3rd year as a Committee Member, my 4th
year as a Team Leader, and my 7th year as a Team Member. At this
point, Day Camps had become a huge part of my life. I had been pulled into the
“Day Camp Vortex” for good! Even though there was pressure for me to work
during the summer in order to fund my university degree, I felt strongly that
God was calling me back to volunteer in the ministry one last time. Yes, it
took sacrifice, but what God returned in the end was remarkable. I had the
chance to go back to the Native Reserves in Saskatchewan for the THIRD time,
and re-connect with my dear friend, billet and mentor, Reverend Vicki Young. I
was able to re-kindle relationships with campers that had started 5 years
before, and got to see how they had all grown up. I was able to share
everything I loved about the communities we visited with two fresh new Team
Members, Maddie and Kelvin.

My Team in 2015
(L to R:) Maddie Rudwick, me, and Kelvin Alvarado

In the seven years of being involved with
Day Camps, I have seen God work in and through people of all ages. I am
incredibly blessed to be a tiny piece in the gigantic puzzle of God’s plan to
further His kingdom. Thank you all for supporting this financially, physically,
and spiritually (through your prayers!) Please pray for us in the Day Camps
Planning Committee as we work toward the new season of 2018. Pray for guidance
and direction for Valerie and the team. And above all, pray that all of this
work brings glory and honour to God. Amen!