Hello Everyone, 
       Today’s Wednesday Words post is written by Alison Sander, who helped coordinate a Day Camp in Regina last Summer. We hope you enjoy reading her thoughts on the Ministry.
    Welcome Alison!

         Greetings from Regina!  I am honoured
to be asked to write a few words for the May Wednesday Words.  It’s hard to believe that nearly a year has
gone by since we co-hosted a Lamb on Day Camp with our neighbouring Anglican
Church, and are now in the process of planning this year’s!  My name is Alison Sander, and I am the
Pastoral Assistant at St. Martin de Porres RC Church in Regina, Saskatchewan,
and mother to 5 wonderful young people.  I
come from an ecumenical background and being able to work with Rev. Trish at
All Saints to put on a fun program for children felt natural.  I get to do many things in this position, but
one of my favourite things is teaching children the love of Jesus, and hosting
yearly Vacation Bible School programs is the best way!  Last year’s program was a blast.  I can’t say enough good things about the
young people who visited us last summer.  
What a role model to my teenage children and all the kids at our day
camp.  They still talk about how much fun
they had, and my youngest still remembers some of the Zulu words (which
unfortunately I do not)!  Shannon, an
avid attender to all VBS programs our city has to offer each summer, commented this
was the best day camp ever.  It wouldn’t
be possible to have a better review than that.  As we get ready to celebrate the gift of the
Holy Spirit in a couple of weeks, let us rejoice in the beautiful spring God
has made and continue to use our own gifts to minister to our future church