Today is Trinity Sunday and we had an amazing
trio of musicians lead us in some super worship music, everything from the traditional
hymn “Holy Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty”, to “Vapor”, both radically different
yet equally uplifting, especially when accompanied by piano, percussion and strings!

    Since this is a holiday weekend, it was hard
to gauge just how many families with children would be at church but I went
ahead and prepared for a no-bake cookie-making session, that would be flexible
for any size group. As it turned out there were only two children in my group
plus one in the under-fives so we had our story time together and then we
tiptoed down to the kitchen with much giggling!
   Nick will be in the UK on the first Sunday of June so today we also celebrated
the Eucharist. Despite a small Gathering there was a very real air of celebration, perfect for a Feast Day.
 The children
enjoyed making and serving the cookies although each of them had to wash their
hands at last 6 times due to attempts at finger licking while we were scooping
out mounds of chocolate-covered cocoa crisps!

       After the Gathering I scarfed down my tuna sandwich and a pear and then
cycled home in perfect mild & sunny late spring weather.
     Then it was a quick whiffle round the garden and a “Wil walk” before
settling down to finish some hand-sewing on a birthday gift for Jessica. 
Since she will be here working with me tomorrow I would like to present
it to her even though her birthday is not for another week.
all those Canadians who have been slogging through a long winter, this weekend
is also a celebration as people head outside to plant their gardens and open up
summer cottages. What a special joy it is to share in a festal time at church
as well as to revel in the glorious sunshine.

God’s blessings are very tangible and
abundant this day