Well, this
week has been pretty much a continuation of the feelings expressed in my last
Transitioning from Summer to Fall just isn’t that easy and
requires fortitude!!
         I think Klara
and I are beginning to settle into some sort of rhythm, which is encouraging. I’m
not exactly crazy about 7am Soccer Practice, but I don’t suppose she is either,
and, once again, this isn’t supposed to be about ME, it is supposed to be about
building community and learning to be “family”, all over again. Like I said, it
requires perseverance and fortitude!
         I’m really
pleased to have completed all of the Feedback Forms for Parishes and
Communities. I’m expecting to be able to send them out, in the coming week,
along with the 2013 info package. The only missing item is a new “Luke Street”
Poster and Josiah’s deadline is tomorrow!!


 On Thursday,
David, one of the 2012 Team Leaders, (and a super duper cyclist) came over and
gave my 2 new to me, bicycles a special tune-up. He has even offered to ride “shot
gun” with me when I attempt to bike downtown to a Synod Office meeting this
coming Tuesday. I’m very grateful to him for this specialized help and was able
to offer my usual payment of a home-cooked (Chinese ,this time!) dinner.


    We have also made
progress on the “no light in the Office” problem. Since Klara needs some sort
of desk space to work at we have set up the little built-in desk in my Studio/the
CTM Office, but several years ago the outlet on that side of the room stopped
working……. Zelco to the rescue!!!

    This kind man is a
friend of CTM’s Computer whizz, Wentworth. He came over and crawled around with
a flashlight and has suggested a possible solution, which only (AGH!!) requires
pulling out half of the built-in wall unit. I’m not quite sure when the project
can be undertaken as it also appears to involve conscripting Wentworth as the
“volunteer” helper.
      This week I was
also delighted to hear that Joanne (elder sister of TWO 2012 Team Leaders,SYC
Staff Member, and Day Camp Coordinator) is available to be the Speaker for our
Fall Team Gathering. OOO HOO!!!!
     I am sure that
she will be a great person to tackle the Theme of “Life in the ‘Real’ World”,
after a Summer of Christian Ministry.
   The Team Gathering
will be held on Saturday October 6th and Team Members past, present and future
are all most welcome to join us for an evening of Worship Fellowship and Food.
     There has also
been a weensy bit of time to squirrel away produce for Winter. I froze 4 quarts
of tomatoes and made applesauce and Klara’s Mum has generously promised MORE
TOMATOES for the week to come, YAY!

        And time for
cutting out quilt blocks, for painting, for reading of good books and there was
time too for some sewing.


I sewed and then
painted a silk scarf as a birthday gift for a dear friend.


 and this afternoon  I
finished (my soon to be) Godson’s Christening gift of totally funky reversible
trousers. The pattern comes from this book
, which was lent to me by friend and
fellow Day Camp Committee Member,Jill
.I’m very pleased with them and      REALLY hope they will fit!

            As I have plowed
my way through the complexities of the week I have been reflecting on how the
colours of Autumn somehow set the tone for the way we can live in this new

  Autumn colours are flamboyant and
rich…Burgundy, Gold, Burnt Orange, Olive Green, Bronze..somehow I see the
switch from the light and airy “Seashore” feeling of Summer life to these
deeper and richer tones of Autumn as a metaphor for living this new Season.
Digging deeper, immersing oneself in bigger and more complex daily issues,
bracing against the stiff breezes and hunkering down in cozy sweaters with
cocoa and wood fires and quilts.

     Yes, some of
these changes can be hard and will call for added challenge, for a bit more thinking,
but God is so very present in this turning wheel of time, and He will provide
the courage and the strength we need to keep pushing forward.
    Several years ago
the Liturgical Dancers at St. Matthew’s interpreted this song, based on Ecclesiastes at our Harvest Festival Service .
It pretty much sums up these “Early Autumn” feelings. 


           Of course,
along with esoteric musings there have also been lots of interesting visitors
and the need for meals and an afternoon, or two of baking.!!
         When David
came on Thursday we had Giant Almond Cookie, with fresh red grapes for dessert.
It is very yummy and I’m going to finish up the last piece tonight. It is like
a humongous almond shortbread. Do try it.
Giant Almond Cookie
1 ½ cups whole almonds
1 ¾ cups unbleached flour
¾ cup sugar
3/4tsp salt
1rsp vanilla extract
12Tbsp butter or margarine
red and/or green grapes, well chilled
Butter a 10 inch springform pan. Preheat oven to 350F. In a
food processor, grind almonds coarsely. Add flour, sugar and salt and pulse
until almonds are finely ground. Add vanilla and butter or marg. Pulse until
the mixture is crumbly.
Transfer ¾ of the fixture to prepared pan. Gently press into
pan to compress dough. Sprinkle remaining mixture over the top.
Bake for 25mins. Reduce temp. to 300F and bake 10 mins.
Remove from oven and cool in pan on a wire rack.
To serve, remove from pan and serve on a large plate. Diners
break off pieces and eat accompanied by fresh grapes.
Sevres 4