Sunday and a simple little Gathering for a small group of people.
        There were only 15 of us at church this morning and no children. I
understand the phenomenon. When a church is soon to close some people pull back
because they are too upset to do things for the last time.
     Fortunately for me I had no choice but to be
there since I had organised the running order and Nick was at his other Parish
because we held the All Ages on the 4th Sunday of the month instead
of the 3rd 

1030am approached and it became evident there would be no children my heart
sank. All Ages Sundays have been a hard sell ever since we started them several
years ago, but All Ages with no children present is a VERY hard sell.

one person actually suggested we trash the Order of Service and “do something
else”, so it could have been worse and several people spoke to me afterwards to
say how much they had enjoyed it! A bittersweet triumph since, after all is was
…the “Last Jesse Tree”.

And at home this evening, I light the first candle …