All week the Coffeehouse has loomed
large in my world- phone calls, texts, emails plus baking, making signs, buying
groceries, you get the picture!
it happened last evening and despite the gloomy prognosis it was GREAT!!!!!
    For quite a while, probably since my meetings
with Angela, Mae Anne and Amanda, all of whom had agreed to take on various responsibilities
in preparing for the event, I have been daily trying to remember to “trust
young people”.
      This can be a hard lesson, because trusting
them to learn by doing does, sometimes, inevitably lead to failure, but all of
us, at any age can only learn by trial and error and what safer place to do
that learning than within a Christian community where people really care about
and support each other.
       Over the past few days I’ve watched the
progress of Facebook messages escalate and have been so impressed by the
creativity and energy going into the event, so my prayers increased
exponentially since a flop would have been terribly discouraging.
     The weather was wet and cold and gloomy which
may have contributed to my own forebodings. Then just a few days ago the Coordinator
let me know she would be unable to attend due to a conference. Thursday
afternoon a call came with the bad news that the amazing handmade quilts, which
are generously lent for each coffeehouse would not be available. AGH!! much
messaging around to come up with a Plan B.
    At 5pm yesterday Wil and I slogged over
through the downpour to begin preparing the hot drinks and soon after the first
helpers arrived, ready to haul furniture and set up the space.
   And then home-baked snacks began to arrive and
the kitchen came to life as plates were filled with goodies and transported to
our basement venue.
there a magnificent array of crafts was displayed for sale and our sound techie
AJ was busy stringing cables around and setting up mikes.
 Chaos! but a happy chaos.
event started late (as always) but Jessica, our MC, pulled things together and
soon everyone was seated on a selection of hastily collected comforters and
our “official” photographer took these amazing photos of the performers and
audience. The “sets” consisted of songs, rap poetry, recitations and
instrumental music and included a spattering of the usual Day Camp related
parodies, much appreciated by the crowd.
    As the last applause died away and a
closing prayer was said I was delighted as another bunch of willing helpers
pitched in to clean up, wash mugs, sweep the floor and generally set things to
rights. Whew! another Coffeehouse under our belts.
  We certainly did not amass a fortune in
takings but we collected an encouraging amount towards the ministry. Over 55
people were present, everyone had a super evening, we promoted the cause of Day
Camps and I was justified in “trusting young people” to pull off a successful
event. Yay!
 As mentioned at the beginning of this post,
the Coffeehouse loomed large in my life all week, however I managed to do a
bunch of other things from the eternal raking, to art lessons with Matthew, several
visits with friends for coffee, dinner or knitting and a smidgeon of Christmas
baking and crafting. There are now 6 types of mini-cupcakes stashed in the
freezer, which takes me to the halfway mark for the goal of 12 kinds for Christmas gifting.  
   Tomorrow is another jam-packed Sunday; so do
not expect a “Sunday Reflections” before Monday!
  Likewise, I’m deferring a recipe, since these photos  were only just downloaded and I want to get the post up this evening.
  We soon will have an even larger selection
set in the sidebar of the Blog, should you be keen to watch a slideshow.

  See you on Monday!!