We could not have asked for finer weather for the Outdoor
this morning!

came by early to pick up the “Birthday” cake I had baked and a basket of
supplies for the activities, and I then jumped on my bike and hurried to

The natural “amphitheatre” in which we set up is really the space marking
the foundations of the original building of St. Stephen’s, on this
site. The current church building (nowadays rented out on Sundays) and Rectory (the
house in which we currently worship), soon followed and what had been the Church
proper became the Parish Hall.

Sadly the building was eventually condemned and pulled down. Nick
commented that we were living out the words of one of this morning’s worship
songs, “Shout to the North” as we “filled this place with songs… again”.

Everyone seemed enthusiastic about the venue, the activities, and the
whole unfolding of the Service, truly a blessing.

  As the Acts 2 passage was read a breeze
even washed over us adding to the special quality of our worship in the

festive picnic followed the Service and Nick reported that the cake had been
much appreciated.


It was encouraging to have this particular All Ages Sunday so happily received.

Hurrying home on my bike I too felt encouraged for the week ahead, having
been able to lay my nagging fears down at the Lord’s feet and actually leave them
there (for a short while, anyway!)

After a quick lunch I headed to the garden to continue the battle with
the maple keys, took Wil for a long walk (stopping to hose myself down in
between, as I was quite grimy!) and am now preparing various doughs for yet
another baking day tomorrow, having discovered while compiling the giant
grocery lists for the Training Retreat, that there were in fact MORE items to
bake and prepare ahead so on the agenda for tomorrow- Rosemary Breadsticks,
Lemon Brazil nut Biscotti and Frozen Berry Soup.

Monday is coming…back into the trenches!