Being the first Sunday of the month it was lovely, for once, to partake
in Communion on a special feast day (not that having Communion does not make
any Sunday a feast day, but it is rare that they coincide at St. Stephen’s.)

Arriving at church I laid out all the supplies for baking Eucharistic
Bread, an activity that all the children enjoy and which helps them feel they
are making an important contribution to the Service. Sadly, none of them came
today so everything had to be packed up again, but it was enjoyable, for a
change, to participate in the whole Service and to fulfil my role as chalice
bearer. Blair was preaching on Holy Communion and his talk was most interesting
and a perfect segue into the Eucharist. In the discussion that followed I was
surprised that no one referenced Queen Elizabeth I’s famous poem on the
subject, and have promised to email a copy to Blair.

while munching on a sandwich, brought for lunch, I was able to do a bit of
recruiting in preparation for next week’s All Ages Gathering, then bundled up
and faced a cold bike ride home. At this time of year I love to sing the Hymn
“For All the Saints” and usually do so during my raking sessions, but this
morning it seemed fit to also sing while riding along.

couple of days ago I checked into Malcolm Guite’s Blog because, around the date
of his next Sounding the Seasons sonnet he always posts a recording of himself
reading the piece. Sure enough the All Saints and All Souls sonnets (the final
two of the Liturgical Year) are up and well worth a listen here.

so the after raking and a Wil walk through the lanes of NDG, I now await the arrival of Debbie who is
joining me for a knitting lesson and supper and then will attend the SYC Bible

  We are going to have Asian Spiced Kedgeree
and Chai and for the Bible Study I’m preparing Mulled Cranberry Juice. While
the Bible Study happens in the living room Wil, Mandu and I will be cosy in my
studio where I plan to begin a new knitting project of my own!