Sorry it wasn’t possible to report on the wedding last evening. I was toast by 9pm!!…

let’s go back to yesterday morning, with its 530am alarm. Up in a flash
I was off at top speed doing morning chores, taking Wil for a long walk and
ready, with travel cup of coffee in hand, for a 730am pick-up, most kindly
offered by my friend, Linda.

830 am we were settled in the Cathedral pews and the long Synod Eucharist
began. After the Service, which included the Bishop’s Charge the business was convened as Sophie (the Clerical Secretary) and I hunkered over our laptops
carrying out our appointed duties. As soon as Grace before lunch had been said I quickly
packed up, profusely thanked Sophie for shouldering the afternoon work alone
and shot down to the Metro station to catch the subway and bus back home.

quick snack of bread and cheese and an apple, then Wil and I were off for
another long walk. Once in the house again there was only a short time before
hurrying, on foot, to the Wedding, at the Montreal Chinese Alliance Church
(formerly Queen Mary Road United). When St. Matthew’s Church was flourishing,
Queen Mary United was part of our Ecumenical grouping; the church also had an
amazing organ and a well-known organist who often gave concerts so there were a number of occasions when our congregations came together. Yesterday, of course,
decorated for a wedding and also hung with a number of colourful Chinese
banners, the interior of the church looked pretty different, but it was good to
see it occupied by fellow Christians who obviously use it for the proclamation of
the Gospel.

had never attended an Alliance Church wedding, much less one in which both
Chinese and Filipino customs came together. One of the hardest parts to get
used to was the almost universal and constant photo taking. Now most of those
in my acquaintance know that I have a paranoid fear of cameras, so no one was pointing
one at me, yet I found them such a distraction from the beauty of the Service.
There must be a better way to record a special time without losing the atmosphere of a sacred and holy gathering. And let me hasten to add that this was a deeply committed couple who plan to honour the Lord in their lives together.

Last evening I had a happy time with my little Godsons. We played with
toy cars and ate grilled cheese sandwiches with carrot sticks and apple juice. Then I
zipped them into cosy footed pjs, read several Beatrix Potters books and tucked
them into bed. Mercifully all without tears; the worst distraction being bouncy
Wil trying to join in on all the activities. Thankfully the boys have 2 dogs at
home and are not afraid of Wil actually offering him as many cuddles and hugs
as they can manage before he bounces around again! Chaos, but pleasant, loving,

so to church this morning, to celebrate the Dedication of 6-month-old Jude. 

had thought the Huyers would be coming with me but they had to head back to Ottawa
so my Sunday group was composed of the three most regular attendees. We stayed
in church for the dedication then headed upstairs to explore two passages,
which Nick had told me he would be using in his sermon.

Over a snack of apples and Oat-Os we chatted about the Dedication then I
read Exodus 33 :12-17, and part of Psalm 96. We composed a felt board illustration of
Praising God, made bead bracelets to remember God’s promise to “go with” Moses
and then everyone coloured a special card to give to Jude and his family.

to an afternoon of raking, Wil walking and cooking, it has certainly been quite
the weekend!

evening, after the little guys were in bed, I took time to give thanks for the
wider Christian family of which I”m a part. I thought about all the people with
whom I had connected this weekend, from the Synod Eucharist, to the Wedding, to
time with my two Godsons, and now, this evening I can add the faces of St.
Stephen’s community.

Truly, I am Blessed, God is good, so very good.