Riding down to church on this rainy morning with
Nick, John and my soup pot (!) I was thinking that today’s Sunday
Reflections might be all about my role serving lunch but, as usual, God had
very different ideas.

Writing this Blog the general attempt is to be upbeat and positive, looking
at the good in our Christian journeys and not focusing on the sad or negative experiences of
daily life.

      But some days God calls us to be sad and
there is nothing wrong with that because He has told us there will be dark
times as well as joyful times. That is one of the great strengths of our faith,
having a God who does care and who walks with us through all the hard sad days
as well as the beautiful and joyous times.

     Why was church sad today? Well it certainly
did not appear to be sad on the surface as our little Worship space was full to
bursting with happy little babies and toddlers banging on shakers, laughing and
giggling and causing pandemonium!

No, it was sad because today we said goodbye to the Campbell family, as
they return to Edmonton after 18 months within our Church.

    I am not going to tell their story here, but will
leave you with this link to Avery’s Blog. She tells the story from the inside
and we, as a community, have only been a part of it as we came alongside them,
as we prayed for them (and with them) cooked for them, drove them to the
hospital, and tried to support them in every way we could.

And today was the end of that time of “coming alongside”. From now on we
can just pray and wait for news from a distance. Today was about tears and hugs
and saying goodbye.

am very thankful to have known the Campbells. I’m so glad I cooked meals for
them and that they remain a constant in my daily prayers. Most of all I am
humbled to have offered the chalice to Steve and to have served Avery a bowl of
soup on her last Sunday at St. Stephen’s.