The wedding was very lovely. 
there was a tad stressful as we had been asked to have the little boys (aka
Ring Bearers) at the church by 145pm and we were still sitting in traffic at 159pm,
the wedding was set to begin at 2pm!
     However all was well, we dropped Victoria
and the two boys at the door and Timothy, myself and baby Andrew went to find
parking on a nearby side street then hurried back to the church clutching the
baby and a bunch of paraphernalia. We cut across the lawn and saw to our relief
that the Bride and her father will still having photos taken by the limo. I was
really thankful to already be seated when the wedding party entered. Whew!
   The boys did their part very well and then
came to sit with us at the back and were soon happily engrossed in colouring
  My own part of administering the chalice came
a lot later, but thankfully that went smoothly as well and it was an amazing
privilege to give the wine to so many people with whom I have such a close bond.
That part was so special and I am so grateful for having been given such an
  After the Service we all hung around while
numerous photos were taken and then the Huyers dropped  the baby and me at
home where we enjoyed a quiet time together with  Andrew falling asleep in my arms
by 7pm, a very tired baby boy!
   The rest of the family did not return until
quite late and Timothy carried in two sleeping boys who spent the night asleep
still dressed in their wedding finery!
   And then it was breakfast together, and for
me a quick Wil walk and off to church on my bike, while the Huyers packed up to
leave for Sherbrooke, where they will celebrate Thanksgiving with family.
  Our Sunday Gathering was extremely small,
however there were 5  children present so after a joint snack and a
shared video the older two and I headed down to the kitchen to bake
Hamentaschen. Although I confess to having been rather sad not to focus on
Harvest Festival this morning, we all thoroughly enjoyed the story of Queen
Esther and the freshly baked treats, proudly presented by the children, made a
festive addition to the after church lunch.
  Imagine my surprise when, upon turning onto
my street on the homeward ride, I saw the van still parked outside my front door! However the children were all strapped into their car seats so there were a few
more hugs and kisses and soon I waved them good-bye!
  My little celebration dinner will happen tomorrow
as I knew that this afternoon would largely consist of tidying up the house and
doing laundry, and there had been no time to make my Thanksgiving dessert of
pumpkin ice-cream until today
  But it has already been a weekend full of so
much for which to give Thanks!
Surrounded by so many dear friends, watching this young couple begin
their life together, sharing in the joy of caring for my Godsons, and
gathering with my church community.
  We are so blessed in Canada with such plenty
and most of all with the privilege of in living in a country at Peace in a world
with so much hunger and unrest.

   Recently I read about a project called “Soupfor Syria” and want to end  by encouraging anyone reading this in
North America, to consider purchasing the Soup for Syria Cookbook. All profits
go to providing good food for the thousands of Syrians living in Refugee Camps.
The cookbook is beautifully crafted and many world famous chefs have freely
contributed the soup recipes. I understand the first printing is already sold
out. YAY!
  Here is link should you be interested; a
small way in which we can share some of our plenty with those in such dire