After a short night’s sleep I was up early
again this morning to deal with a house full of people, dogs and a cat!
       The Huyers were planning to leave for Sherbrooke
during the morning, so they were packing as I was scurrying around doing my
regular chores, washing dishes, stripping and making up beds etc.
      Then I said my good-byes and hopped on my
bike to head for church. Surprisingly today there were just 2 toddlers and no other
children, and one of the toddlers was too shy to come upstairs, so Fred and
Danielle’s little girl, Olivia, had the attention of three adults, plus a
      First we all enjoyed the ample snack they had
brought and then Fred retold our story from 1 Samuel 8, using the little wooden
figures we have. He simplified the story to focus on the need for a good king
for the people of Israel and on how they did not make good choices or listen to
God’s word, which was sent to them through Samuel. We also talked about how we
have a king in Jesus, a king who is good and just.
     I had prepared materials for making sceptres
so next we helped Olivia craft hers and then Danielle got out the paper crowns
she had brought for activity time and Olivia did some colouring. We had quite a
long time together, as the sermon discussion seemed be quite protracted, but it
was quite peaceful to spend time with a little one after all the activity of
the past two days and to look at the world through her eyes, even for a short
really liked the sceptre and went around “anointing” all of us. When we went
downstairs to join everyone for the Passing of the Peace, she even anointed
people in the congregation, which was so sweet!
in the Eucharist today was certainly very different from the one in the
Cathedral yesterday and again I was struck by the huge spectrum of diversity
within the Anglican Communion, richness I value.
     After church and a bite of lunch I hurried
home and did some maple keys raking and while I was finishing up Jessica
arrived to work on the Team Leaders binders.
she was set up, Wil and I went for our walk and then I got everything ready for
the Senior Youth Camp Bible Study, which is currently happening in my dining
room right now!
        Jessica and I made a simple supper of a Chicken
and Couscous Salad, melon, and some yummy Moroccan cookies she had baked.
        I also squeezed in time to prepare the
dessert for tomorrow’s Day Camp Committee meeting. It is good to know that we
will be able to talk as a group about the problems facing us as we struggle to
find enough Team Members and I am looking forward to a gathering of likeminded
people with whom to share this huge difficulty.

       Only three weeks to go!