With the clocks changing, yesterday, to Day Light Saving Time we all had
a very short night’s sleep.
   Of course a household containing, 3 adults,
two small boys, a baby, 3 dogs and a cat, is unlikely to spend a very restful
night at the best of times!
Thus the morning started very early for me as I snuck out of bed in the
dark, dressed and slipped downstairs with Wil while everyone else managed
another hour or so in bed before baby Andrew woke.
Today was our monthly All Ages Gathering at Stephen’s and we had been
planning the Lenten Taizé Service for several weeks. Those of us involved
agreed to meet at 930am for set up and practice so while my household was   starting
breakfast I took Wil for his morning walk, hurrying home with my mind on catching
the early bus. Arriving at the house, Victoria told me that our Pastor, Nick,
had called to offer me a lift, this was surprising since he was preaching at
another church and I did not realize he would first be heading down to St.
Stephen’s. So I said my goodbyes to the Huyers and we were soon on our way.

Once at St. Stephen’s House there was plenty to do, setting out glasses
of votive candles on all the window sills, placing the Lenten symbols on the
mantle piece and laying out the Bristol boards, which I had painted with the outline
of the Taizé cross. Soon the musicians arrived and began to rehearse, then
Jenna our Leader and suddenly seats were filling up and we were ready to roll!

was a lovely surprise for me to receive a text from Victoria saying that
William (6years old and my eldest Godson) had really wanted to attend the
Gathering before they drove on to Sherbrooke so soon the whole family joined
After all those weeks of planning the Service was over in a flash, but
while it was happening, for me at least, it felt very special. Looking around
at the congregation our small Gathering spanned ages from 11 months to seniors
and everyone appeared engaged in the singing, prayers and short video clips.
and Ken did such great job teaching the 3 songs- one in German, one in French
and one in Latin and Jenna kept us moving along as Candace dealt with some challenging
technical problems

had prayed that this very unique experience would touch people’s hearts and,
after church in speaking to several members of the congregation it seemed that
by God’s Grace and the presence of His Spirit among us, our goal was achieved.

As I sit working on my Pysanky, in the late
afternoon sunshine I am so thankful for this special Lenten Sunday Gathering;
for the Worship and Fellowship and also for being able to share it with my
Godsons and their parents.