Well this has been another extremely busy

awoke to a very cold but sunny morning and I dashed around with the usual
chores before a long Wil Walk and then bussing to Church.

There was quite a lot of set up required for this morning’s activities so
I was pleased to see that Ralph had come, as he is a great preteen

Today’s Gospel is the story of the Woman at the Well, not the easiest
of passages to convey to young children. During the week I had read it over in
several versions and also surfed around on YouTube to see if there was a good
“child-friendly” adaptation.

did find one quite good one, although it was long (11minutes) and throughout
the video a small child coughed! Quite ironic that no one
offered the poor thing a glass of water, given the story!  After rejecting the “coughing” version it seemed
best to just retell the story myself, with props.

key aspect I was hoping to illustrate was the infilling of Spiritual “water”
and how God is as close to us as every breath we take. So first we talked about
the Woman and how she had done bad things in her life, we discussed Wells and
how one draws water, and about how and what Jesus shared with the woman that
day, changing her life forever!

took straws and blew bubbles in the bowl of water to show that, even though we
cannot see the breath within us it is always there and without it we cannot
have life.  

continued our discussion over a snack and then moved into the craft room and
made Bubble Paint (place a big squirt of liquid dish soap in a small shallow
bowl mix well with a squirt of gouache, place a straw in he liquid and blow
gently.) Once a big cloud of bubbles forms, take a sheet of white paper and
gently glide it over the top of the bubbles to make a print.

the children really enjoyed this! We tried several different colours and Ralph
achieved some amazing results. 

          Soon it was time for a quick clean up (of
the table and the people!) and closing prayers. Today we took some quiet time
to each think of one thing that happened during the week for which we needed to
ask God’s forgiveness. I told them to count to 5 (which Seren very sweetly did out
loud for us!) and then we each prayed. I love listening to children’s’ prayers,
simple direct and straightforward. Always helping me to see life from their
perspective and to strip things down to what is really important. Simple relationships,
clear communication with God, just like Jesus and the Woman at the Well.

   While we waited to re-join everyone else we played a storytelling game
and closed our morning together with lots of giggles!

      After church I walked home through the
quiet residential streets, up the steep hill at Murray Park and home along NDG Ave,reflecting on the morning and considering the afternoon still to come.
      Once home, there were only 40 minutes in which to eat a
quick lunch, load up my pack basket and head out again for the Wil Walk, ending
up at Isaiah 40 where our AGM was to take place at 3pm.

Arriving at 230, I put on the tea and coffee and set out the
refreshments and then booted up the laptop, ready to take minutes.

      It was lovely that Melanie was able to bring
her guitar so we got to sing several praise songs which made a long meeting
much more bearable! Best of all, at the end, I got to play a bit and have some cuddles with
my 2 little Godsons.

After washing the dishes and tidying up we hurried home and the
Huyers stopped by on their way back to Ottawa to pick up the
Birthday things (mentioned yesterday’s Post)

I’ve just had a late dinner of frittata, fougasse and lemon ice cream. Wil is happily
curled up beside me, Mandu on my lap, and we can now settle down for a quiet Sabbath evening.

     Looking back over the day, God’s
hand can be seen over so many parts, big and small. Sunday night is my time to write a Journal
page of Thanksgivings for the week.

     There will be much to note down this