Sunday Reflections-Lent 2

Another bitterly cold Spring (?) morning.
    After rushing around and
walking Wil, Nick picked me up early so I could go with him to church and hang
the Purple Tulip panel (part of last Sunday’s All Ages activities). Not having
seen the finished product last week, I had been forewarned that it was “not
what you expected” and Sue was correct!! I decided to look upon it as the
creation of a group of Jackson Pollack “wannabes”. 
   It does,however offer
a splash (well PLENTY of splashes) of Lenten Purple in our worship space, so I dutifully
hung it in the bay window.

had a visiting child join us today as we wrestled with John 3:1-17, the story
of Nicodemus. I had found quite a good “child-friendly” version on YouTube,
which we watched, after first reading it straight up from the Bible.



snack we had a chat about it and zeroed in (not too surprisingly) on John 3:16,
which they all took a stab at memorising using my handy-dandy “memory blob”
game. It was so refreshing to be with 3 small people who did NOT already know
this verse, which has sadly become quite hackneyed in modern day parlance.

Next we trooped into the crafts room and made some quite credible
Nicodemus hand puppets. The children were happy to show them to the congregation
at the end of the Service as Nick “interviewed” them about our activities.

was a blessing to be offered a ride home with some parishioners who live on my
street so now, after a quick lunch, we are about to head out on the afternoon
Wil Walk and then I hope to devote a chunk of time to Pysanky.

week ahead looks pretty full, with the Day Camp Committee Meeting tomorrow
evening and Birthday Crown and Cake preparations for next weekend.

CTM AGM takes place next Sunday afternoon so there will also be a need to make
some refreshments for that occasion. It’s a good job I’m so fond of cooking!

for this afternoon, at least, I can bask in the calm of Pysanky-making and
offer some extra hours of Thanksgivings and Petitions; also to try and
deconstruct John 3:16, looking upon it with the fresh and clear-eyed enthusiasm
of a 5 year old. Maybe I’ll listen to this version too!


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  1. Valerie , you are such a blessing to our little ones as well as to the "big " kids.


    • Crosstalk Ministries March 19, 2014 — 9:52 pm

      Thank you, That is very kind of you. I felt it was time to step forward after hiding behind my knitting for a couple of years!

  2. I love that bit of Stainer's Crucifixion. (I love the whole piece, actually, but this port in particular!)

    • Crosstalk Ministries March 19, 2014 — 9:51 pm

      Me too! It was one of Dad's favourtes as well. We have it on CD but that YouTube Version is gorgeous!

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