Some people have asked why Sunday Reflections is part of the Day Camps
Blog. It is a good question and here is my response:-
        The world of CTM pretty well impacts on every aspect of my daily life
but the core of my existence is to try and be a true Christian 24/7. Applying
that desire to every aspect of life
can be hard going but one of my favourite quotes from the movie Chariots of
Fire is spoken by Eric Liddell’s father when he says-
      “You can peel a spud to perfection if you
peel it to the Glory of God”.
that is how I attempt to live out daily life. When you work full-time in
Christian Ministry it can become easy to think you really do not have to do or
give anything more than that to serve the Lord, but that is a big mistake, if
every part of life is to serve Him then that also means washing the kitchen
floor or walking the dog or mowing the lawn or keeping Sabbath, all to the best
of our ability.
       Hence Sunday Reflections is a way of sharing how I use Sabbath to make
the other 6 days even better, how the opportunity for hands on Children’s
Ministry on Sunday mornings enriches all the planning and organizing and
training of others so that our Day Camp Program can be stronger and better for
everyone it touches.
summer Sundays  (Sabbaths) have, of
necessity, blended directly into the other 6 days with the starting and ending
of Day Camp Weeks on Sunday, and the set-up and wrap-up of the residential Camps
also falling on weekends. Of course  the
months ahead include Crossroads (the third Sunday of every month), CTM Board
Meetings (on a Sunday afternoon every second month) and various staff meetings,
frequently here at home base, but those events are more easily managed,so
Sabbath rituals should fall into a more regular pattern- early wake up call
from my Dad’s ninety year old cousin in the UK (yes I have been mean enough to
consider unplugging the phone, but have never done it!), bike or bus rides to
church (or early car rides with Pastor Nick), garden work and shovelling,
afternoon and/or evening meetings etc.
Stephen’s also seems to be at a crossroads (small “c”) as several families have
left the city and the pool of young children gets smaller. It is very hard to
plan for just two children and since All Ages Gatherings  are not well received by many at the best of
times, to present them with no young ones present is a big challenge.
would be good to think that we could function on a multi-generational basis
every Sunday, but a number of people still feel the 19th&20th century models
of separating out children from most of communal worship is preferable and this
mindset is very difficult to change.

as we enter into this academic year there may be some obstacles to overcome but
there will be a series of-  “Sunday Reflections”!