Part 1-The Team Gathering
  As promised a brief report on last evening’s
Gathering. It was amazing, with the largest turnout EVER!! I hasten to add that
this was mostly due to on youth group having made it their special Saturday
event, but we had 22 people!! And the best thing was nearly all of them
remembered to bring snack, they all sang the songs, they all listened during
the talk, they were really present in the moment, some of them even came and
thanked me before they went home AND a group of people washed all the dishes.
But no
more chitchat since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some photos…

Part 2-
All Ages Gathering “Not Your Ordinary
Epiphany Lessons & Carols”
the usual number of hiccups the Gathering ran pretty smoothly and there was a
good atmosphere with people engaged in the whole Service and pretty good
 We sang Vapor again, watched the PaperlessChristmas Clip about  the Wisemen, and Nick narrated reading Matthew2:1-15 as we watched this beautiful version of the coming of the Magi.


We added
the 3 Kings to our crèche, 
strung garlands with stars and beads and sang carols.

There was a reading of T.S. Eliot’s lovely poem “The Journey of the Magi”, a
prayer Litany, the Epiphany Collect and a reading of the first verses from the Gospel of John. All of this occurred in less than 1
hour and by noon we regrouped for a Special Vestry Meeting to vote on our congregation’s
decision to sponsor a refugee family from Syrian. As Nick pointed out it was
timely to be reading about the flight into Egypt of Jesus’ family and their
time as refugees and then to focus on our response to the current crisis in the
Middle East.

  Home on the bus in the pouring rain, it is
now time to turn out again with Wil who has been waiting patiently for my
belated return and is all too ready, rain or shine, for a nice long walk!!