Well last evening was a real blessing for
all of us.17 (!!) people attended the Team Gathering, which was a great
surprise as no one seemed to have grasped the concept of my instructions to “RSVP”. However things should be better next time since Mrs. Philmore offered a short tutorial on the subject before we began our worship time(ahem!)

The cocoa was hot and plentiful, the homemade marshmallows were
appreciated, and the fire did not fizzle out until the end of the evening.
Steven did a super job sharing with us the
Epiphany reading from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 2. He focussed on getting
us to think about what sort of “treasures” we have that we are willing to give
to Jesus. Most of us think of treasures as being beautiful things, whether
tangible or intangible but maybe we need to see treasures in this context more
as the things we hold onto, which should really being given over to the Lord if
we truly believe that He should be in control of our lives instead of us.

discussion led me to think of the verse I have painted on the wall above my bed
Psalm 5 v.3 (The Message Translation):-

    Every morning
    I lay out the pieces of my life
    on your altar
    and watch for fire to descend.

 I see this verse as being along the same
lines as the “treasures” discussion.

For the purposes of Day Camps badgering
Jillian was cheeky enough to suggest to the assembled group that perhaps the
treasures they should consider giving over to the Lord would be their time-as in
6 weeks of their summer, to come on the Travelling Teams. HA! She is well trained
and did not miss this golden opportunity to plant some seeds in the hearts of
these young people 😊
All in all a special evening was had. 
wearily washing all the sticky cocoa mugs and then mopping the bootprints off
the hall floor, Wil and I headed to bed late (for us!)

Do enjoy these photos; I took the first
ones “before” the rest were taken by Chelsea “during” and “after”…