Despite a long and busy Sunday, at least this week it is possible to
carve out the time to write this post today and not on Monday!

Today was the annual Vestry Meeting after church at St. Stephen’s so,
once again, I did not return home until very late, 3pm! Needless to say Wil was
waiting at the door anxious for his afternoon perambulation so I simply dumped
my bags in the hall and hurried out with him.

home, and changed into cosy clothes with two giant pots of “Wil Food” simmering
on the stove, I can take the time to process my Sunday and to reflect on the
special “God moments” which will offer fuel to my spirit for the week ahead.

This morning I took the bus to church, because, just for once, there was
no need to be down there extra early! The bus ride was most convivial as I met
up with various friends and acquaintances who catch the same bus to attend their
churches. Matthew was one of those on the bus so we walked over to church
together and he filled me in on his weekend activities.

       Once at church I set up crafts, snacks and felt
board and got in a bit of knitting before our Gathering began. For the second
week we followed our new plan of shared snack with the Toddlers and then got
busy with Mark 1: 16-20, the calling of Simon and Andrew, discussing how Jesus met the
disciples where they were and how they left their past lives to join Him.  No one had bothered to mention that the Service
would be shorter than usual so there was a huge rush to collect up all our bits
and pieces when Paul popped his head into our room to say the congregation was
singing the final song! Oh dear!! Half finished mobiles-how to collect up all
the sticks and strings and cutout pieces for take home??

    As I ate my lunch sandwich Seren approached
and presented me with a note and a bracelet she had made in Thanks for her
birthday gift, definitely a God moment! Seeing 6 day old Eloise at church with her
parents, grandparents and sister was also a very special vignette to treasure.
These small and precious moments are so easy to overlook in the bustle of life
in general. But if we do not actively seek them out we miss them forever. Small
and simple moments are the tenure of our days. Often we think that only when
huge or awesome things happen do we see God’s hand in our lives but if we can
slow down and notice the tiny things, the way a child crouches down with awe to
watch an insect on the ground, those are the moments when our own child-like
wonder can be rekindled and I think our lives are ultimately so much richer for
them. This week I plan to be intentional in catching those fleeting moments and
in expressing my gratitude to the Lord for each and every one of them!

  As I sit typing I have been listening to the music of the Rend Collective, a band to whom I have just been introduced. Their video “The Art of Celebration Story” resonates perfectly with my intentions…