you read my Saturday post you will not be surprised that it proved completely
impossible to fit in the writing of a Sunday Reflection yesterday, so here it
is, a bit late, but maybe as I walked Wil and shovelled (AGAIN!) this morning,
the Lord has given me a bit of time and space to focus on what to write!

Yesterday morning I was up early to be ready for a 9am lift with Nick.
We also picked up Pippa and then headed down to church. After quickly setting up
for Children’s Group I was able to help Pippa a bit with the final set up in preparation for the Toddler Room launch.

looks SUPER! There are still a few more things we want to do-2 wall lights still need to be installed and I’m going to make some simple curtains or valances.
We also need to order a few special toys and a set of felt puppets for story
telling. But is launched, finally. Whew!

had our first shared snack in the Children’s room and quickly discovered
that the children are all about finishing snack and diving into activities
while the toddlers would quite happily sit grazing!

Once we had shovelled them out, with their bowls of half-eaten snacks we
launched into our story of Jesus calling His disciples-John 1 v.43-50 which we
had a great time illustrating on the felt board. Next we each made a card game,
placing the pre-printed name of a Disciple on one side of each card, with the
children choosing to either draw a portrait of the Disciple on the other side,
or to cut out a magazine picture of a man and to glue it on.

While we worked we
talked about how, even though these 12 special friends of Jesus were all grown
up men, that Jesus also had lots of women who helped and supported Him in his
ministry. This also segued neatly into how God even calls children to serve Him
as we talked about the Old Testament story of Eli and Samuel. As a special
treat at the end we just had time, after closing prayers to watch this “Muppet-style”
retelling of that story. Do check it out!

After church people came upstairs to tour the new room, and I spent some
time putting a first coat of white paint on the wood which surrounds the new
glass panel inserts on the doors of both our groups’ rooms.

Eventually I got a ride home again with Nick and flew in the door with
just 1 hour in which to prepare for the CTM Board meeting. Within the hour Wil
and I took a speedy walk, I made pots of tea and coffee, scraped ice off the
front path, did some advance prep for the High Tea, which was to immediately
follow the meeting and was just booting up the laptop to take the Minutes when
the first people arrived!!

meeting managed to be productive, long and chaotic, all at the same time!

With the Huyers’ 2 dogs keeping warm in a kennel in the basement, Wil
corralled in the kitchen Mandu hiding under a bed, the two little boys playing
between the kitchen and the living room and the board members gathered around
the dining room table, it was quite the afternoon!!

6pm as I helped people leave the house (yes the front door knob has also fallen
off, making what is normally a simple activity, now quite a struggle!!) I was
also boiling water for more tea and literally laying a tablecloth as computers
and papers were being picked up from the dining table. AGH!

soon were able to sit down to High Tea, and everyone made a fairly decent meal.
Then it was into pj’s for the little guys and the Huyers did a whirlwind clean
up and car packing while I washed the dishes.

that time there was freezing rain falling so I asked Victoria to text me when
they got home. They didn’t reach Ottawa until 11pm, a very long day for them,
with Monday morning arriving only too soon.

While shovelling this morning I was led to consider whether this post
would simply consist of a long list of activities, leaving readers to question
if and where lies a Sunday Reflection or whether, hidden within the chaos,
there is in fact a kernel of “Sabbath Grace” worth identifying.

Despite being physically wiped by Sunday evening, upon looking back I
can honestly say “yes”. Sabbath “rest” does not need to be physical rest as
long as one’s mind and spirit receive a special infilling of Grace and as long
as we pause to give the day totally to the Lord’s agenda and not our own.

where was Grace for me? – in the smile of 1 year old Olivia as she sat eating
her snack, in the conversation with the children as we made our Disciple cards,
in a small sheet of paper I found on the kitchen counter Sunday morning, filled
with such kind and thoughtful words of thanks from the SYC Staff, and lastly
when my eldest Godson ran into the kitchen in his pyjamas and shouted “I LOVE

 What more tools did I need to be
given yesterday to face the week ahead? Nothing more: –

                                   “ His Grace is sufficient to fill my needs”.