awoke to a beautiful sunny morning and I sailed to church on my bike, thanks to
Steven having recently visited and pumped up the tires. What an improvement!

With Ascension Day this coming Thursday, Pastor Nick had opted to have
the final section of Luke 24 as the Gospel reading so it was upon that that I
based the Children’s time.

Having read that the early church used to hold joyful feasts at
Ascension I prepared a low table with a cloth and set out a tray of fruit chunks
and a small bowl of orange chocolate fondue, with real fondue forks for
spearing the pieces!

After opening prayer I retold the Luke passage as the children placed
figures on our big felt board, then I read the passage from the Bible as they
enjoyed their “feast”.

   Fortunately my helper Mike was there to assist with washing chocolaty mouths and hands before we could begin our
craft activity.

stayed at the low table and made Ojo de Dios (the eye of God), which
connects with Jesus’ promise to His followers that His eye would still be upon them after He returned to the Father.

we were finishing up we heard the congregation singing the last Hymn so we
shared the Grace and hurried down in time for the children to rejoin their
family before the end of the Service.

is important for them to reconnect with the congregation and Nick always takes
a moment to have them explain what we did together and show their work to

After church I hurried home, as this afternoon was our CTM Board meeting
at the house at 3pm, after which Linda Faith and all the Huyers stayed for High
Tea before the latter headed back to Ottawa.

now, with the house put back in order and the dishes washed I am sitting
waiting for Brenda, a former Team Leader and Committee Member who lives in
Toronto and is popping down to Montreal for a quick visit, tomorrow, with her
Grannie. Brenda is soon going on a short Mission Trip to Tanzania with a group
from University so this is just an overnight “B&B” stopover.

I walked Wil this afternoon I sang the hymns and songs which Fred had chosen for
our Worship music at Church this morning, each one was a favourite of mine, and
I felt as if they had been picked especially just for me, as they truly lifted
my spirits and helped to set me on the right path for the week ahead.

do not think I had sung this one since our Retreat week last Summer. It held
the promise that we will gather on those hot July Evenings and that I will sit
and marvel at the Lord’s provision of just the right number of Team Members to
fill our Teams and to spread out across the country,serving the Lord, this Summer!