Sunday Reflections-The Bells

Since, upon arrival at church today, I discovered that our Sermon was
Part 2 of a exegesis on themes from the movie “

Les Misérables"
, and thus a bit complicated for a short reflection here, I thought I would backtrack to my walk with Wil, earlier this morning.

     When the weather is decent (and it was gorgeous this morning), I take a route east along NDG Avenue to Décarie and then loop around back along rue Côte St. Antoine. This takes about ½ an hour at a brisk pace.

     If I time my Sunday walk properly, I get to hear the bells of the Paroisse Notre Dame de Grâce (hence the NDG) and their tolling forms a backdrop to my intercessions.

     I LOVE Church bells. In an age where we are constantly bombarded by electronic noises and our days are punctuated by automated beeps, buzzes and alarms, the age-old sound of an actual person tolling a real bell made of solid brass is, well, REAL.

     Real people tolling real bells have called people to worship for 2000 years.    The sound is so beautiful and powerful. I remember my mother, who grew up in Montreal in the 1930’s and 40’s, saying that this was a city of bells. So many Roman Catholic Churches, in an era when the dominance of that church was felt throughout Quebec. 
   I am not suggesting that sort of dominance was good by any means, but the bells, surely their messages is good and pure. It is a blessing that they have not been silenced in a post-Christian era when the Provinicial Government’s newly proposed “Charter of Values” seeks to swing the pendulum quite the other way and create a totally secular society (as if that were ever, truly, possible).

    So I give thanks for the bells; for their lovely and insistent call to worship. It does not matter if those who listen are on their way to Mass, or on their way to a totally different House of God, or on their way grocery shopping. The bells are calling us, we can respond or not, but the message to still out there, a powerful reminder of Sabbath. "Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock…”

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  1. Thanks for that Valerie 🙂 I love that REAL sound of church bells too!

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