A beautiful sunny morning, started
early with a wake up call from Cousin Ron. I was glad to be up and out so that
there was plenty of time to feed and visit with my friend’s cats and to walk
        It was definitely a bicycling day so I
was soon off to church under my own steam. SO much nicer than taking the bus,
and way faster than walking.
        We were a smaller than usual group this
morning since a number of families are away for the long weekend but George and
I watched this Ascension video had a good discussion and then I taught him this
paper trick, which was just the thing to interest a 5-year-old boy!
        After a quick lunch at church I hopped back on my bike and peddled home
        I was anxious to get back in good time
since this afternoon it was my intention to make a real start on changing the
decorations, plus, since it was so warm and sunny I also wanted to spend a
little time in the garden.
      After the second Wil walk and cat visit
the work of the decorations started in earnest until I finally realized it was
past dinnertime, oops!
     Such a busy day, sometimes I wonder if it
is okay with God when busyness takes over on the “day of rest” He appointed. However
I choose to console myself with the thought that if the day is truly given over
to Him then even the mundane tasks I undertake can be an offering, and be
pleasing in His sight. I hope so!
     The Ascension certainly leaves us with a lot
of questions and there is sort of a sense of being in limbo until Pentecost but
this year I’m trying to experience this “between time” as a season of hope and
expectation, sort of a “mini-Advent” since the coming of the Holy Spirit, just
like the coming of the baby Jesus, is like adding another facet to the image of
God and I enjoy thinking about that.

  So here I am, ready to dive into the week,
but with the joy of a “holiday” tomorrow. Waiting and watching, for the next “coming”…..