to the fact that this Sunday is the second Sunday of the month we decided to
transfer the Ascension Feast back and celebrate today. Next weekend is also the
Victoria Day Holiday so numbers at church are likely to be a bit sparse anyway!
the All Ages Gathering it was. I looked at SO MANY Ascension Videos trying to
find one that did not have annoying, invisible Heavenly Choruses and/or harps
and finally settled on this one, which is pretty good and does not include a golden
haired Jesus, which is a bonus!

watching this we also shared a snack of caramel popcorn. Next we worked on a
puzzle challenge in which the children reassembled Ascension images while the
adults discussed several themed questions.

it was mobile building. We made these using materials symbolizing the
crucifixion-wood, nails leather thongs, wires, turning them into something

led the Prayer time, beginning with a reading of Malcolm Guite’s Ascension Day Sonnet. Three groups then offered prayers under the headings of Requests, Thanksgivings
and Confessions.
between parts of the Gathering we sang songs chosen and led by Paul, including
Yahweh, which I always find moving.
    It was
eclectic, casual, but also faith-rooted and celebratory and I hope gave people
a new perception of what is often and overlooked festival of the Easter canon.

    For me, the afternoon ahead will be spent
in making preparations for tomorrow’s Day Camp Committee meeting, gardening,
Wil walking etc. but for now it is nice to hold onto the images of the morning,
sound in the knowledge that Jesus may have returned to the Father, but that
only in so doing, could we be given the Holy Spirit!!