arrived with a vengeance as we awoke to a very wet morning; slightly
mitigated by gaining the extra hour of sleep due to the clocks changing!
       However, Cousin Ron still called at 645am Montreal time thus waking my
furries and me and causing them to firmly insist that it was time to get up!
       Wil and
I got VERY wet on our early walk so there was no choice but to take the bus
to church.
       I knew,
in advance, that there were unlikely to be any “takers’ for Children’s Group
but as there were three Toddlers we all headed upstairs for snack  and then
I crept down and re-joined the adults while Tanya and Joan led the Toddlers in the
story of Nehemiah.
being the first Sunday in the month, we shared in the Eucharist. I also had
the pleasant surprise of Jessica (Day Camp Committee member par excellence)
visiting today and so sat with her for the Service.
    Our music leader had
chosen  some great hymns for All Saints,
including “For All the Saints” thus providing me with yet another opportunity
to sing this favourite. She had also done some research on the origin of
the songs and hymns  all of which added extra depth to the
    We sang “Holy. Holy Holy Lord God Almighty”
and I told Jessica my mother’s story that, growing up at St. Alban’s
Church, the congregation had sung this hymn as the processional
EVERY Sunday!!!!
    Again it was a blessing to administer the chalice and after church I spent some time chasing down various
“victims” who are needed to help out next Sunday for our All Ages Gathering.
Sigh, not the easiest of tasks!
   I was kindly offered a
ride home and soon settled with a mug of coffee  to check –in on a couple of
favourite blogs.  This post which really seemed to resonate for All
Saints. As Christians we should remember that this feast is a time to celebrate
the lives of all who have lived and died in the Faith, both those who are
canonized as capital “S” Saints and those billions of unknown Christians who
have sought and still seek to live each day according to their callings. Trying
to use the gifts and talents bestowed on them by God for His glory.
   As the
afternoon wears on the rain has still not let up but Wil and I need to be brave
and head out for our afternoon walk.

 This All Saints Day I truly feel “surrounded
by so great a cloud of witnesses” and hope you will take the time to click on
the link, to Malcolm Guite whose Sonnet, also sums up well
the essence of this special day.