Sunday Reflections- All Ages Ascension Day Gathering

 Spring Coffeehouse-
First a few Coffeehouse photos… small turnout
but quantity isn’t everything! Everyone there had a good time. The home baked
treats were fabulous, the performers did a great job, crafts were beautifully
made and those who did attend went home happy

And the Ascension Day All Ages-

        Then this morning I launched into the All
Ages Gathering. It was pouring with rain when I walked Wil and we got soaked but there
was no time to dry out before Nick arrived and we headed down to St. Stephen’s
      Once there, we arranged chairs and he laboured over the PowerPoint while
Joyce and Bob practiced songs, Peter tuned his viola and I laid out crafts
materials for the clouds upon which people would be invited to write or draw their
personal reflections after listening to Peter’s solo by Bach.
guess the rain (and gastro in at least one family) contributed to a small Gathering
but, hopefully, we all took home some new thoughts on the meaning of the
Ascension; ideas and concepts that provide fuel for on-going reflections during
the coming week. Baby Jonathan had a whale of a time as the frequent centre of
attention and it was good to meet with four generations of fellow congregants.
and Sue kindly drove me home as it was still raining but now as the afternoon
draws on the rain has slowed up and the clouds are lifting so as Wil and I head
out again perhaps we will be spared another soaking!
week to come is busy busy busy so I’m relishing the peace of this Sunday
afternoon, the pleasant solitude and a small slice of rest before diving into
an ocean of work.

    As part
of our worship this morning we listened to Malcolm Guite’s Ascension Sonnet so I’ll close off
by sharing his carefully crafted words…  

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  1. Richard C. Lambert April 12, 2017 — 6:33 am

    This is really very nice post you shared, i like the post, thanks for sharing..
    Ascension update

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