Here I
am wth an unexpected quiet half hour! Home from church with a mug of coffee in
hand, I am sitting in the living room admiring my totally beautiful HUGE tree!
promised, Brian brought it last evening and I spent a happy couple of hours
decorating it. My favourite thing is coming downstairs the first morning the
tree is up and smelling pine in the house, heavenly!
I had to come downstairs at 457am since Wil had a call of nature but the pine
aroma was lovely, even though I would have preferred to smell it at a more
reasonable hour!
    At church,the children took great pleasure colouring in
the last of our four Advent Candle “words” and helping me attach it to the
chimneypiece after the Service.

  We also did an informal retelling of the
Christmas Story together with the older children placing all the nativity figures
on the big blue feltboard during the narrtive.

      It was a simple and quite peaceful morning and
the long cold walk home gave me an extra stretch of time in which to process
and be calm before the whirlwind afternoon sets in.
     As I write, the big pot of cocoa is ready on
the kitchen counter and the Huyers should be arriving soon. In a short while Wil
and I need to take our afternoon perambulation and then I will be off back down to
St. Stephen’s for dance practice followed by Crossroads with Bishop Mary

    Last evening Alexander published the second
half of my “It Isn’t Easy Being Green” SYC Blog Post. There are a couple of
errors, which were not in the original, but I hope it will catch some people’s