Throughout the night I kept waking to hear
the freezing rain and ice pellets hitting the windows and this morning the city
is encased in ice and more snow.   Checking the voicemail after a short struggle
around the neighbourhood with Wil there was a message that our Service had been
cancelled. Not surprising since there is a Winter Storm warning for the whole Province. Thankfully, we still have power, at present, unlike many in the Toronto

today I am taking time to reflect back on the whole of 

It has been a Blessing, this year, to have the Season enriched
with many special practices-reading “The Christmas Mystery” and “Shepherds Abiding” (both highly recommended), watching the daily videos on St. Stephen’s website, listening to wonderful Advent Music, following the Divine Hours and
the readings for the lighting of the Advent Wreath, and finding special Advent
Carol Services
to watch on YouTube.

Then there have been a number of lovely visits with meals and activities
by the fire.

have made a point of trying to be observant in seeing small miracles. It
is so easy to gloss over miracles and to rationalize them but those of us who are
attempting to live by Faith must strive to recognize our Lord’s hand at work in
our daily lives and when we succeed in seeing the ways in which He is guiding us, our faith is inevitably strengthened and deepened.

Here is a short list of just some of my
Advent Miracles: –

for my furnace, delivered just in time.

– A beautiful Christmas Tree, brought by one
kind friend and decorated and Blessed with the help of two more.

– Our CD player “suddenly” springing back to
life after 6 months of sitting forlorn and silent so that now the lovely music
of Advent and Christmas can sound out loud and clear!

– A box of firewood delivered to my door.

-The gift of new Winter boots just after
discovering that my 15 year old ones were finally beyond repair.

-The safe arrival of my dearest friend’s fourth

are other special occurrences about which I have already written, but this is a
collection of riches to reflect on and hold onto as this Season of joyful
expectation draws to a close and we greet the festival of Christmas.

unto us a Child is born unto us a Son is given”-

Isaiah 9:6