Greetings everyone, this is Bella Philmore I’m delighted to have been given an opportunity to post a blog, or is it blog a post?

       I must say I’m a little confused with modern technology so I’m just going to write this little letter with my trusty fountain pen and ask the Director to type it up on her fancy computer.
       Well, Dears, I visited the Team Members’ Training Retreat yesterday to help lead the Billet Workshop and I must say they are a fine group of upstanding young Christians!
       I spent a good hour with them, giving  some helpful tips on etiquette and comportment . We discussed the value of good table manners (a topic of great importance in my home),keeping one’s bedroom neat and tidy, helping around the house etc.
       We finished off by asking the young people to illustrate what they had learned using short skits and we all had a good laugh as they improvised on each topic.
       I then hurried home to starch my antimacassers and iron my linen table napkins in my sun-splashed kitchen,stopping on the way at the ORGANIC farm stand to stock up on some healthy foods in anticipation of my billet’s arrival.!!
        I look forward to enjoying a nice cup of tea with my first guest, and maybe even a rousing game of checkers.
      Blessings to all of you who Billet this Summer.

                 Sincerely, Bella Philmore