Residential 2011 wrapped up yesterday and our Teams are now fanned out, in 5 Provinces across the country, ready for Day 1 of Day Camps, tomorrow morning.

     The whole flock is out on the road and all the Lambs have agreed to check in with us on a regular basis, from “the fields”.

Lamb’s Walkabout-Spiritwood, Sask.

     I just heard from the Team in Spritwood Saskatchewan. The Team  Leader, Brenda, reports that the whole Team, including Lamb is going to go out for a walk after dinner, in hopes of encouraging local children to come to Day Camp tomorrow.!!

     Our REZ week was very special. We have added a copy ogf our Schedul;e on the side bar, under”Training’ so you can see just how much we squish into one week, in order to really give our Teams the best of training for their bodies, souls and spirits!

     We have an amazing group of Team Members this year. Each onr brought a unique contribution to REZ .There was a lovely sense of peace and great fellowship and community building. The Evening Speakers and our Worship Director, Josiah, helped to give each evening Worship time a special feeling as we sang, prayed, listened to Scripture and connected with the Speakers

   A record 70 people attended the Commisioning Service on Thursday evening, and Alana had no difficulty in recruiting  people to provide ongoing prayer support for the 14 Team members.
REZ is always a very special week, we all feel so much “at home” at Isaiah 40, but this year I think many of us had a feeling that we had “gone deeper” in coming to know the Lord more imtimately and in trusting in His plan for the weeks ahead as he has so richly provided for us up to this point of departure “into the fileld’s”.
With the whole flock safely on the road we await blog posts from our “Cross-Country”Lambs!!!