the last Closing Services will be taking place for Day Camps 2016.
Oh my!
Regular readers are no doubt sick and tired of my constantly harping on
about how quickly the 6 weeks fly but…well they DO!!!
And here we are at the ending. Today Team 1 is travelling back to
Montreal by bus, tomorrow 3 Teams return by plane or bus and Monday the last 2
Teams come back via plane or train.  Then
Tuesday is the annual Team Leaders Evaluation Meeting (TLEM) and Thursday the
Prayer and Praise Gathering followed by Staff PreCamp next Friday and Saturday!
 This will be the last
“Postcards” posts so without further ado, let’s get started.

Team 1- Team 1 has spent the week at CFB Bagotville, near Chicoutimi, which
is 6 hours North East of Montreal. It has been quite a small Camp averaging
about 9-11 Campers but the Team has been made to feel very welcome, staying
with Padre David and his wife both of whom are totally involved with the Day
Camp and keen to make things work. They are tired but happy as the end is in
Team 2- Team 2 is still in Toronto, this week working with Brenda O’Connor
(Training Team Leader and former Committee Member) at the Church of the
Transfiguration, where she is Children’s Pastor. This is the first time they
have used our Program and with over 20 children attending, I think it has been
a positive experience for everyone. The Team is looking forward to a “proper”
Sunday Closing Service after which they will hop on a Megabus to head home.

Team 3-Team 3, (apart from starting off the week minus the very important
ukulele) has had a lovely final week with Rev. Warren in the town of Dysart,
Sask. Emmanuel was so excited when he last called because they were going to
get to “RIDE HORSES”, a real treat for big city teens! Rev. Warren is just
super, as is the coordinator, Amy, and they had worked with upwards of 40
campers all week, but with plenty of eager helpers. It is a blessing that the
Team is able to end on a positive note. They have met some big challenges over
the 4 weeks, (without complaint) and I think the challenging places have proved
very special to them as well, because they have seen how their being in the
communities does make a real difference in the lives of the Campers and this
has been a source of blessing to the Team.
Team 4-Has been leading the Day Camp at Pense First Nation, just outside
Regina, Gillian, their Leader, keeps forgetting to phone because they are
“having so much fun”!! This week they remained at last week’s billet in the
Rectory of St. Luke’s Regina, as the two churches share ministry. I think this
has been special for them as they really hit it off with Father Michael and
have been made to feel so welcome in his home, sharing in musical jam sessions,
and group “reading aloud” as well as home Services and times of Prayer.

Team 5-Their Leader, Myles, has always been first to call in this week as
the church they are at in the Parish of Kent, NB opted to just run an extended
half-day Program (starting earlier but ending at lunch time). Although is has
been a small Camp, Myles reports that the community has not been disappointed.
This Team also has been made very welcome in the Rectory and were even taken,
last evening on a little excursion to a local zoo!! They too will be able to
offer a Sunday Closing Service as their train does not leave Moncton until
Sunday Afternoon, arriving back in Montreal on Monday morning.
Team 6- Oh my goodness! Team 6 has had another week full of challenges, again
met without a word of complaint. Last evening David phoned to say the day had
been particularly difficult after a Camper has accidently knocked David’s
laptop off a chair, shattering the screen. The child was terribly upset and so
was David! But it turns out that it is just the screen that needs to be replaced
and I immediately told him the Day Camps would find the money to pay for this, as
he should not have to bear that burden as well. The community they are in
includes a number of children from very difficult home situations and some in
foster care but David reports that there have been some special opportunities
to bring Jesus’ love and healing into these young lives and the Team has
witnessed changes in behaviour even in this short time and so are encouraged
about the Camp. This Team also will be able to make a small presentation within
the Sunday Service. They fly home, Monday, from Saskatoon.

So there you are, the final week. Please pray with us that the many
many seed sown by the Teams this summer will be well watered and nurtured in
the months ahead so that they might bear fruit and that we might have carried
out fully CTM’s Mission Statement: –

                        “Helping People of All Ages to Become
Strong Disciples of Jesus Christ”

Before I sign off a quick coda on what the week has held back at
home base:–

 Invoicing, travel arrangements & billeting plans, baking for
PreCamp, prepping evaluations and prayer letters, a bit of sewing, a bit of
gardening, several visitors (both expected and “un”) and the imminent demise of
our 30 year old fridge, meaning that the fan screams day and night, said fridge
is located directly below my bedroom!!! Just a quiet week at the Taylors’

And lastly a recipe for the Orange Iceream I’ll be serving to the
Team Leaders, come Tuesday, in homemade cookie”Ice Cream Sandwiches”.
1 large Valencia orange

2 limes
2 ½ cups heavy cream
1 cup icing sugar
Grate the rind from the limes and orange and place in a large mixing
bowl. Squeeze the juice from the fruits and add to the grated rind along with
the icing sugar. Stir well to dissolve the sugar. Add the well-chilled heavy
With an electric mixer, beat the mixture until soft peaks form. Pack
into a shallow 2quart container and freeze overnight until firm. Before
serving,transfer to the fridge for about 30 minutes to soften.

Makes approx. 1 doz. Ice Cream Sandwiches.