It is late afternoon Saturday at the close of our 2019 Day Camp Team Retreat Week and I’m only now “coming up for air”J
Our 6 Teams have dispersed and five are on their way to three different provinces while the sixth Team, whose flight to Edmonton has been delayed, is still waiting in Montreal. 
Instead of writing my own reflections of the Retreat I thought I would post a ton of photos, interspersed with some anonymous quotes taken from the Evaluation sheets handed in last evening by the Team Members.
Hoping you enjoy “Postcards from the Team Training Retreat”.

“First of all I am very thankful for the whole experience  itself because it was very educational and very helpful.I’ve learned a lot from the previous Team Leaders who were present, who shared their wonderful experiences.The idea of being in the Travelling Team was a big leap of faith, itself, for me.I’ve also learned to work in a team, most of the time a complete stranger, to understand where they excel and where their limits are and how to help them.”

“I’m ready to minister to Campers this summer..It made me feel more committed.There were times when I wanted to leave but I remembered that I am doing this for the Campers so they can learn more about God, so they can follow Him.”

“This week was very different from past retreats for obvious reasons like the space and sleeping arrangements. It was also different in that it changed the way I viewed and loved other Team members since we were able to share family and/billet situations and were able to support and pray for each other. I’ve been able to see God’s love through the group’s support and prayers.”

“This past week has challenged all of us in our faith especially in some Teams being changed. This did help me understand that God does have a plan for us and that we need trust and put faith in the Lord. This also helped me understand new stuff that helped me grow spiritually (for example the devotions and the messages from the evening speakers). Although this was one of the toughest Retreat Weeks I ever had because of the new changes, it has been a wonderful experience.”

“This past week I really felt God’s presence. I learned how to trust Him in every circumstance, especially when things did not go as I thought they would or whenever I found myself feeling down about being a Travelling Team Member. I am ready to go out and minister to these children.”