Crosstalk Ministries (CTM) has 40 years of experience developing Summer Day Camp programs, and training young adults to help churches and communities across Canada in running joyful, exciting, and edifying programs for children 4-12 years.

Prior to COVID-19, each summer, our Travelling Teams were invited into a wide variety of communities to present the program, and support local helpers in leading Day Camps. For summer 2020 the decision was made to cancel all Day Camps, due to the pandemic and to offer a weekly “virtual “ taste of Day Camps, which we named “Terrific Tuesdays”.

Moving forward we will be transitioning from a “Travelling Team Led” model to a “Locally Led” model and have formulated 3 different options for host communities:-

1) Basic Day Camp Experience-

The Basic Day Camp Experience  (an in-person, locally-led program primarily for churches & communities with prior experience hosting CTM Day Camps.)

Once your application form and payment are processed you will receive an Acceptance Package including:

·      Camper registration template

·      Poster template

·      Community & Local Team Planner

·      Supply List

·      Program Manual

Later in the spring you will receive the Resource Package including:

·      Local Team Training Video

·      Song Files and Chords Sheets

·      Liturgical Dance Video

·      Craft Sample Photos

·      Local Team Documents Folder

Cost: $400


2) Super Day Camp Super Experience (an in person, locally-led program, including virtual mentorship support for churches & communities who are new to CTM Day Camps and/or those who would like more on site support during their Day Camp Week.)

The package includes all the components found in the Basic Day Camp Experience as well as access to a Day Camp Mentor. 

Our Mentors are all experienced former Travelling Team Leaders as well as past and current Day Camp Committee Members. The Mentor assigned to your community will be available during the week of your Day Camp to join your Set-up Meeting and Daily Team Meetings via an online platform (eg Zoom, Google Meet, Skype) and will also be able to respond on the spot to text messages during each day of your Day Camp.

Cost: $550


3) Virtual Day Camp Experience (for host churches and communities who feel unable to mount an on site program but would like to bring the Day Camp  experience into the homes of campers and their families)

The VDCE includes-

·      Camper Registration Template

·      Flyer Template

·      Supply List

·      Craft Sample Photos

·      Song Chords for Guitar and Ukulele

·      Secure access links to a private online platform with content for the 5 Daily Stories including puppet videos, sing-along songs, small group materials, crafts, games and daily challenges.

Cost: $250 (single purchase by a church or community group with distribution rights for families who register)

These three options reflect the same style of programming that we have built up and modified over many years.

Each day there is a series of activities, which focus on a passage of scripture. Audio-visual materials, small groups and creative arts are used to emphasize the scripture of the day in age-specific ways. Fun is strongly stressed in the playing of games, the singing of songs, and having a good time with the campers An integral aspect of the fun is Lamb; a puppet who at times acts as M.C. by introducing the day’s theme, and who at other times just promotes laughter.

Here is an outline of a typical day at Day Camp day for those who choose option 1 or 2, both of which are in-person Camps. Option 3 the “Virtual Day Camp Experience” will have a different timeframe

Communities holding in-person Camps are free to further modify the schedule to their own timeframe.


·      9:00     All Leaders arrive for a short time of reflection, prayer and preparation.

At this time, the Local Team gathers to discuss and plan for the day ahead. Often a local leader or clergy person is asked to lead a short reflection.( If choosing the “Super Day Camp Experience” your Mentor will also join this meeting via an online platform to assit you in planning the day)

       9:50     Campers arrive – Registration

       Registration should be done by the local Day Camp Coordinator so that connections can be made with caregivers as well as campers

       10:00   Main Presentation

       This is the part of the day where the campers encounter the Scripture story for the day. It is also a time of singing, dancing, and general enthusiasm 

       10:45   Refreshments

       Most communities provide snacks for the campers, however they can also be asked to bring their own and have a little break for socializing and relaxing before proceeding to Small Groups

       10:50   Small Groups

       Campers are divided into age-specific groups to discuss and interact with the Scripture story of the day

       11:20   Games

       This needs no explanation 

       12:00   Lunch (4-5 year old campers go home, unless Scrambler Afternoon Program being used)

       12:30   Creative Connection

       This is a time for artistic expression, to connect with God in tangible, physical ways and to prepare liturgy for the Closing Gather at the end of the week

       1:15    Special Event

       This is the traditional “wide game” part of the day, held outside when possible.

       2:45     Songs and Closing Prayer

       3:00     Finish  clean up

       3:15     Team Meeting

       At this time, the Local Team gathers to reflect on the day, and to prepare for the day to come. (If using the Super Day Camp Experience you may choose to again include your Mentor in this meeting)


If you have decided that that one of these options is what your church or community is looking for then all you need to do is fill in Church Application Form, and send it in along with your payment (payable by E-Transfer, PayPal or cheque.)

Once your Application Form has been accepted you will be provided with a detailed advance materials package. 

If your Church or Community would like further information please email the office or call us at 514-418-1414. We look forward to connecting with your Community.