Resources for Parents and Families

Follow the Leader Puppet Book-2014

    Welcome to the Parents & Families Tab!
  This Tab has been set up in the hopes of providing
resources to the parents and families of our Day Camp Campers. Crosstalk
Ministries is not only interested in the lives of these children during the
week they attend Day Camp, but also throughout the year and so we are hoping to
build up a reserve of ideas to which you can turn for use at home, and in your
church community.
   At the close of Day Camps our Team Leaders
give the Clergy and Coordinator a copy of our Follow up Brochure, perhaps
parents and families do not know about this document? It offers a variety of
ideas by which the wider Church Family can offer child inclusive worship and
fellowship throughout the year. A copy of this brochure is now available here
on this Tab. If you are a parent or family member who is already active in your
church community, we hope you will encourage those in leadership to consider
including some of these suggestions in your church calendar.

    For 2017 we have  created a special Resource:- the Parents’ Fellowship Brochure. you can download a copy at the bottom of this page
  Secondly this Tab offers a brand new concept
in Day Camp follow up- the
the Leader” eBook!! This book has been prepared in pdf format to be downloaded
and printed on a home printer and includes the five stories enjoyed by Day
Campers during Summer 2014.
  The committee would like to thank member
Anna Irish for her extra work in preparing this book and we hope you will
decide to access it and give it to your children.
  What is planned for the future? Well we would
like to include other resources for good home-based Christian activities. We
plan to add everything from recipes for a good play dough to ideas for
celebrating Advent in the home.
  From time to time  we will be featuring “Family Friday” posts. you can look them up by entering “Family Friday” in the search box on our home page.
or click on these links:-
Family Friday-Jesse Tree

Family Friday- Easter Roundup

Family Friday-Nativity Sets

  You can also check out slideshows from previous programs by going to this link

To help families revisit the stories from camp, we are also planning on publishing more e-books  from the 2015 and 2016 Programs.
 Come back soon to see what’s new!

   We invite comments, suggestions and
content (to be included at the discretion of the Day Camp Committee) so if you
have a valuable idea to share please do send it to us
– or leave a comment on the Blog.
is a real interest among families for good Bible-based home activities, here is
a platform where CTM can respond by carrying out our Mission: –
People of All Ages to Become Strong Disciples of Jesus Christ”

Parents’ Fellowship

( The 2017 Follow-up Brochure will be posted here soon!!)