That is one scary title if you are in my
shoes. Yes, things are  way better than they were last Saturday but we are not out
of the woods yet.
            As of last evening we have 11 Team Members.
It was certainly a major milestone to hit the double digits, so if we can find
3 more we will be in business.
God is
good! So many people have committed to pray and to fast, laying before the Lord
this urgent need, and He has heard our cry.
           Within the next six days the information
must be sent to the Western Provinces so that they can have a full two weeks in
advance of the flights and thus, hopefully be able to secure lower airfares.
          As of today we still do not have enough
people to send two, three-person Teams, and that is still the goal. If the other
four Teams have only two members each, so be it, they will manage but all of us
feel the two Western Teams REALLY need those extra members.
           I guess the three preceding paragraphs
pretty well sum up the past week for me. Pray, badger, pray, cry, pray do other
stuff like gardening, pray sleep (or try to)!!
         One week from today we will be in the midst
of Team Training Day, and getting ready to Commission our three Leaders. This
Monday afternoon I shall be meeting with those Leaders (two in person, on via
Skype) and last evening we put together the three Training Teams, as it now
stands, fervently praying that more names will be added to each group.
        Of course there has been other work. The
Team Leader’s Binders are half way to completion, the Team Supplies have been
purchased (but not yet all packed), almost all of the advance cooking for the
Retreat is finished and sitting in my freezers, and the grocery lists have been
emailed to the two stores from which they will be picked up two weeks today. 

this morning news came via email that the filming of our brand new slideshow  is completed.  Yay!

        I’ve spent as much time as possible in the
gardening because that is just one of the BEST places to think and pray. I also
completed  my Godson,Tighe’s, Birthday Crown (I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!) and
will be presenting it to him at Church tomorrow.
    And I
bought the cotton & linen yarn to knit a cardigan as a Christening gift for my
fourth Godson (funny there hasn’t been time to start knitting yet!!)

       The coming week is already rapidly filling up
with various interviews and meetings and there are so many “to-do” lists around
here I think I could wallpaper a whole room with them. It can be rather galling
when people who do not know me very well ask about my “Summer holiday plans”
HA! Summer is not holiday time around here. However, once we reach that magic
number of 14 Team Members the title o this year’s Day Camp Program will take on
a whole additional meaning, as we will certainly have “Something to Celebrate!”
       And so this afternoon I’m about to dive back
into list making and trying to set up a Skype call with a Team Member in the
UK. The Mango Soup for the Retreat has just been concocted and placed in the
freezer and of course Wil is hoping for his next “perambulation” So I suppose I should wrap up this post, but not without a recipe.
     One evening this week I made a particularly
tasty Asian Salad using some of the chicken which the Huyers brought me as a
gift on one of their recent visits, what a nice treat!

                                       Hoisin Chicken Salad with Plums
 1 boneless chicken breast, cooked

 4 ripe red plums

 2-4oz. cakes instant brown rice ramen noodles
 1 cup alfalfa sprouts
¼ tsp.
hot chilli sauce
2 tsps.
Rice vinegar
1 tsp.
soy sauce
Tbsps. Hoisin sauce
½ inch
grated fresh ginger
Tbsps.  Olive oil
the ramen according to the package directions and rinse under cool water. Place
on a serving platter. Spread the alfalfa sprouts over the noodles. Slice the
chicken and plums and arrange over the noodles and sprouts. In a small bowl, whisk together all the other ingredients to form a dressing. Just before
serving, pour the dressing over the salad and toss gently.

2, easily multiplied.