past week has been ludicrously warm here in Montreal with temperatures reaching
up to 19C.
      While walking Wil I have met people dressed in
everything from winter coats and scarves to shorts and sandals, all a bit
wacky. However the latter “summery” attire keeps me focused on the work of
planning Day Camps for summer 2016!
      Progress is being made on the Program logo,
there have been enquiries from a couple more new host churches and preparations
for the Coffeehouse are coming together all of which has kept the office busy
as has advertising for the upcoming November Crossroads Service.
     This month we also have a Board meeting plus
this afternoon Victoria will be holding an SYC Staff meeting at the house, and that
means the Huyers are here for the weekend!!
     Last evening the annual SYC Disney Movie
Marathon took place so some of the staff set to attend today’s meeting will be
slightly bedraggled as everyone stays up all night at the marathon!!
      I have been deciding  which hot drinks to
make for the Coffeehouse and today for the Staff Meeting, I’m serving the usual
Autumn fare of Hot Apple Cider accompanied by my homemade Caramel Popcorn.
Hopefully there will be enough popcorn to take along a bag for snack time at
church tomorrow.
 Our church community was saddened by the loss
of a baby this week so we are not holding our scheduled All Ages Gathering
instead the children and toddlers will have a joint session while the adults
take time to grieve and pray for the family of the little one. It seemed the right decision to make at this time as we come together to share our sorrow.
     Afternoons this week, much of my “spare” time has been
spent in raking and garden work, with a half day devoted to clearing up the Bishop’s
garden and readying it for winter. Strong winds yesterday brought down
many more leaves so the raking season is not yet at an end by any means!

  There has also been time to do some
alterations on two of the Bishop’s mitres and Christmas knitting projects
continue apace as does my Christmas mini-cupcake baking! Each year I choose a
theme for Christmas baking gifts and this year my plan is to make 12 kinds of
mini-cupcakes and to package the assortments in clear egg cartons. Three varieties down, nine to go! I did my baking yesterday in order to leave today to enjoy
the general chaos of a “Huyer invasion”, with the prerequisite floor covering
of Lego pieces, little boys chasing each other from room to room, baby bottles
in the fridge etc.!

  Before I wrap up and check that the Apple
Cider is ready it’s time to share a recipe. In preparation for weekend
breakfast with everyone I made an Apple Platz. This is an old Mennonite recipe
and a good way to use a bunch of apples,which are so plentiful now.
                                                           Apple Platz
2 cups
3 tsps.
baking powder
Tbsps. sugar
1 tsp.
1 egg
1 cup
Tbsps. butter
5 tart
apples, peeled and sliced
In a
large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Cut in the
butter, as if making pastry. Add the beaten egg and milk. Beat thoroughly until
well blended. Spread batter in a parchment lined 8×12 shallow pan. Press the
sliced apples over the top and sprinkle with extra sugar and some cinnamon.

Bake at
400º for 25 minutes.