I am happy to report, that, as of Thursday, ALL the Feedback Forms were sent winging their way through cyberspace to ( I fervently hope) their destinations! WHEW!!!

     So now our attention immediately turns to Day Camps 2012. Next week I will be able to share lots of news as tomorrow evening we will be holding our first Day Camp Committee meeting for 2011-2012.
It looks as if I’m going to find myself really kept on my toes since I will be working with a committee comprising people who are brand new or who have only served one year.

       I think this will be just great because I’m most anxious to feel that Day Camps continues to be relevant and to meet the needs of children and their church communities in the 21st century . But it may prove a challenge keeping everyone reined in. Can I do it? NO!! but by God’s Grace WE will be able to do it together!!

      I was excited ,on Friday, to have Jill accept my invitation to speak at the Fall Team Gathering. This event will take place at my house on Saturday October 15th, starting at 6pm with a “Pot-Trust” Supper followed by an evening of Worship. ALL recent team members and committee member are welcome, as well as anyone who might be thinking of doing Day Camps next Summer. It is never too early to begin Badgering!!
      Another important upcoming event this Fall will be our 4th Annual Coffee House, I’m hoping that someone from the Committee will agree to be Convener of this event  and I plan to post the flyers for both these dates so that you can print them off or send them to friends.

The Coffee House will be held at Isaiah 40 this year and starts at 7pm, Saturday November 12th. Watch for further details.

          So I guess I really do have to concede that Fall is almost upon us
( although I still haven’t turned in my flip flops!!).
I saw 3 flocks of geese when I was out walking Wil this morning and, yes, last evening I made my first apple crisp of the season, BUT we ate it OUTSIDE on the deck!! I just have to hang onto a bit of Summer!!
Not just because of weather but because in Summer I am always re-energized and re- enthused about the awesomeness of God as I watch the Day Camps unfold and listen to all the amazing stories from our Teams.

Here is a clip from one Day Camp Coordinator. I’m also including a link to an article about the Slave Lake Camps.:-


The article is on page 2. It does not give credit where it is due to Emma and David, nor to Francois and Amy, but it is still good publicity for Crosstalk Day Camps at least!

I heard last week that a camper named Raven  has registered at a local Christian School this fall, and in her intake interview told the school principal that she became a Christian this summer at day camp!

Raven only came to camp the last two days of the week, at the invitation of her cousin. Neither family goes to a church regularly (for a variety of reasons), though her cousin’s Dad has been attending  pretty regularly since the end of day camp! There was never an adult coming in with either child or picking them up at the end of the day (for difficult family reasons they were just dropped off and picked up in the parking lot). So I never actually got a home address or phone number for Raven, but that seems to be a fluid thing for her anyway (for other complicated reasons!). This has never happened to me before – I didn’t even get her last name!! But at least we can get messages and follow up materials to her through her cousin’s family!

Anyway, it was  a happy story, and I thought I’d let you know!

And Finally my favourite recipe for:-


                                                                     Farmhouse Apple Crisp

3 pounds apples-peeled cored and cut into 8ths
1 1/2 cups oatmeal
1/4cup flour
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
12tbsp margarine
1 1/2 tsps cinnamon
pinch salt
grated zest of 1 orange
 Place apples in an earthenware casserole and toss with cinnamon and zest.
In a food processor combine oats,salt, flour and sugar and pulse just to combine, add marg. and pulse a few time (do not lose the texture of the oats.) Pat mixture over top of apples. Bake at 350degrees for 45mins.
Serves 6-8