Just a quick Post so that I can share with you some pictures of  Parish Training Week, I hope there will be more to add later on.

     The 3 Day Camps ae running well, 1 has over 40 Campers!!, the others in the 20’s and “teens”

      We are still on a rollercoaster ride of trying to decide on some Team configurations. 2 of the Training Camps have produced a couple of Parish Team members who would like to join Travelling Team. One of them is currently filling out an application but we are not sure if she (or the other girl) will be ready to attend REZ.
   Attendance for the week of REZ is not optional!! so we need to be sure that these young people are truly ready ,in every way, to join up.
          I often think of the Parable about the Labourers being worthy of equal pay even if some have been called at the end of the day, so we do not want to turn someone away who has a heart for bringing Jesus to the Children.

         Still no news of other possible Day Camp locations  for our 4 vacant slots. Still praying that 4 host Churches might come forward.

    This first picture is of a group of Parish Leaders holding a planning meeting for the 4(!!) New Brunswick Camps. Yay New Brunswick!!

The others are all from the FFBCM Camp, here in Montreal.

                 I also leave you with the song that is running through my head at this point.
 We once used it as a Liturgical Dance at Day Camps. When things are going really badly and I have an image of Churches with their doors closed and a sign saying ” Day Camp Cancelled”, I sing this song and then I see the doors opening and a whole pile of Children, carrying lunch boxes ,rushing up the pathway! 


                                                                God is in Control!