Regular Blog readers might have been
looking for Part 2 of the Summer Edition of Wednesday Words. In July I
published a bunch of very inspiring quotes that were taken from the Retreat
Week Feedback Forms. Part 2 was promised but, well, August was pretty hairy!
    It was my firm intention to get this posted
yesterday only this week there has been a real focus on the 28 Day Camp
Feedback Forms (going to our host communities), so it just didn’t happen and
here I am after 7pm on Thursday, down to the wire.
    These quotes are just too good not to share with a wider audience, so
more than a bit late, and with apologies, I’m pleased to present…
Part Two
everyday sermons and small group discussions helped me a lot with my point of
view of my walk with Christ, with my relationship with God. These conversations
reflect on my spiritual life as well as the ways I live my life on earth.”

was a period in my faith when my relationship with God was dull. This week really
helped me get back on track, especially as there weren’t any distractions
(phones and internet). The worship services have especially touched me deeply,
I was reminded how God is in charge of everything and I need to trust him. This
Day Camp Program pushes me out of my comfort zone, but God is always by our
found this week to be very influential and mostly I was encouraged to grow in
my relationship with Jesus through evening speakers, but most importantly
through fellowship in the rest of the Team and leadership committee and
community members who were involved. This was very encouraging! Very
encouraging to consider how we will witness in our communities this summer.
Thank you for everything, it has been a fantastic week!”

past few weeks I have grown closer to God for sure. Usually before I would
sleep without praying to God but now I can’t seem to have a good sleep without
praying to God or at least thanking Him. I’ve learned that I really need to
bring it up to God when I have a problem. I’ve recommitted my life too. The yield
necklace reminded me that God should be priority. And that the reason I am here
is to serve the Lord and the kids. And also that the kids will see God through
past week I’ve grown closer to the Lord. This past week has made me realize how
mighty He is and that He can perform miracles. The small group discussions made
me realize that He does wonderful things to everyone at the perfect time. Now I
put my trust in Him. I am ready to spread His Word and His Love for everyone.
God is in control of everything and He will be with me.”   

week has really changed my life for the better. It has helped me make new
friends, learn more about God and to do the best and be the best I can be. I
feel like I have really grown in the Lord through the workshops and small group
times. I did not really struggle with my faith, if anything it made my faith stronger.
I have learned so much more about the Lord with our evening worship services
and guest speakers as well as in small groups. I have recommitted my life after
this past week because it has broadened my understanding of God and the Bible.”

This week has helped me acknowledge and understand that I can’t do anything on
my own. That God is with me every step of the way. That God is willing to get
down and dirty with me. That I have to trust in God and trust that He will make
everything work out.”

A final word- These quotes are all written by young people between 15 and 25 years old.  They are pretty profound and say a lot about a generation ready to serve God with passion. To Him be the Glory!