Once again I’m cheating a bit and starting
this post on Friday evening because tomorrow morning I’ll be dashing out of the
house at 8am heading to the Day Camps Kick-Off event.
 But before reporting on that (which will
happen, I hope) tomorrow evening, let’s look back over the week.
  Monday morning began with no phone or Internet
service (AGAIN!) and urgent calls to Bell Canada, Finally technicians appeared
and a new line was installed. This displeased my somewhat unpleasant next-door
neighbours so today other technicians took the whole thing down and did it another
way. All of which meant that there have been many lost hours of Internet and
home phone line usage. Sigh. While the  first technician laboured outside Arnee came
to pick up the gift we had prepared for her as a Thank You for her amazing work
in typing and formatting the 2015 Program Manual. It was great to see her and I
was able to send along a small birthday gift for her daughter Michelle, a very
close friend of mine, since Arnee will be visiting her in England over the
 Fortunately, Monday evening was the Day Camp
Committee meeting so I could talk to people face to face in “real” real time
and not worry about lack of phone or Internet. We had most productive meeting
and wrestled with the continuing issue of needing MORE TEAM MEMBERS!!!!
 Tuesday, Jillian, one of my self-styled
“minions” came for the day and worked on everything from scanning sheet music
packages to helping broil Naan bread for the Retreat week. I left her at the
house at 3pm that day and headed down to Diocesan Council for the last meeting
chaired by Bishop Barry.
    Wednesday afternoon we held a special CTM
Board meeting as a follow-up to our recent AGM. This meant that the Huyer
family descended upon me and stayed for dinner and overnight, total chaos, but
so special in a messy, noisy, crazy way! As the Board meeting was ending and I
was trying to set up for dinner as the little boys were obviously tired and
hungry, I did a quick head count and realized that 12 people of all ages were
hanging out all over the house, Bedlam indeed!

   Thursday after clearing up and doing a lot
of laundry I was able to squeeze in mowing the lawns between several sets on
meeting Minutes to type up, emails to answer and the on-going Badgering of
possible Team Members via all types of Social Media.
  And today, with no Internet again, I worked on making desserts to freeze for the Retreat, did a bit of gardening (despite
MORE rain) and then was blessed with an unexpected afternoon visit from the
Rev. Brett Cane (creator of the CTM Day Camp Program, mentor, friend and
brother in the Lord).
 In fact this has been a day of blessings since
news came of another Team Member AND of a third Training Day Camp Team Leader,
plus the Bell technician was a very nice person who was considerate and
  So as I close off to head over for an evening
of setting up the room at Isaiah 40,ready for tomorrow’s event, my Spirit is
feeling lighter and more hopeful that the Lord’s plan is about to be revealed
to us and this worried and tired Day Camp Director, may yet feel the burden of
the last few weeks lifted. Yahoo!!!!!!!!
giving a short run down on Kick-Off, I’m just adding a quick Summer recipe for
the Vegan Ice Cream I was making yesterday, super simple and lovely for dessert
or snacks!
Chocolate Frozen Treat

frozen bananas, sliced
1/3 cup
almond milk
½ tsp.
vanilla extract
3 Tbsps.
cocoa powder
the sliced frozen bananas in the bowl of a food processor and pulse until
finely chopped. Add the other ingredients and continue processing until smooth
and creamy (it should look like soft ice cream).
immediately or place in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid and
If you
have frozen the mixture, place it in the fridge for an hour or two to resoften
it and whisk before serving.
4-6 servings.


We had
a productive Kick-off event. Not a large turnout from the local host churches
but lots of good questions and interest. We sang, reviewed the schedule of a
typical Day Camp Day, watched the Day  1
story of our new slideshow!!, looked at craft samples, prayed together, snacked
(of course!) and experienced Coordinators shared some useful tips with newbies.
 As soon as everyone left at noon we tidied up
the hall and reorganised for the Liturgical Dance video recording.  Seven participants gathered
 to learn the
dance and at 1pm Rod, our cameraman, arrived and filmed for the instructional
 And so another Kick-off event had come and
gone. The feedback forms look to be encouragingly positive and I am fervently
hoping that my pleas and our combined prayers will bear fruit in terms of
finding those remaining Team Members we still so desperately need.

 All in all a good day!