Well, Kick off Day is over and the Day Camp season is off to a good start. Lamb was overjoyed to break out of the plastic tub in which the flock has spent the winter and make a first appearance for Lamb’s audience. No one had brought grass but Lamb says that
Lamb had a great time and takes full credit for answering lots of questions and helping to “Train” some of our local Coordinators Clergy and Helpers!!
Lamb let me get a few words in too, I made a plug for TEAM MEMBERS!!. We talked about the 28 host churches that Lamb and the other lambs of the flock will be visiting this Summer , we sang some Day Camp Songs. we had SNACK ( favoutire part of Lamb’s day.
 Dare I say we had ‘fun”??
Yes we did!!!
 Want to know more about getting involved? Click on the links , matbe you would like to find a church near you hosting a Camp, check out the “Church Schedule”, or if you would like to join our Teams click on the Team application…..

Lamb in Edmonton, summer 2010.