Jericho Walk

A Team at the Door of Isaiah 40!

Well I was over at the Isaiah 40 Foundation yesterday, that is where we have our Day Camp Supply room and also the amzaing facility where we hold our Residential Training Retreat.

Lamb was sitting next to me as I worked and the whole flock was looking pretty excited as each Lamb sat in a Team Supply tub  waiting for the start of Travelling ,which is now only 1 week away!!. 

Butt…Butt.. Butt..BUT

“Lamb why are you butting into me like that? go and get into a nice tub with the rest of your flock”.
Butt, Butt, Butt….BUT
” But what?”
“But maybe all my flock will not get to travel this Summer”
.”Well yes, you are correct, Lamb. unless we find those 7 more Team members some of the flock may not get to leave this room and meet lots of children and have lots of FUN all across Canada, because we won’t be able to send out 6 Teams”.
“So, what are you doing about it?”
“What am I doing about it?” LAMB I have been on my computer and the phone about 12 hours every day for weeks talking to everyone ,asking them to help , and I have been praying, along with lots of others too.. I feel as if there is a big wall which is separating us from those 7 people who need to join the Teams, but I do not know how to break it down.”
“Well”, said Lamb.” I would BUTT it down”.
“You mean like get myself a set of horns and crash into it? ‘No ,wait a minute, I know someone in the Bible who had a better plan, what about Joshua; he had a way of breaking down some pretty thick walls”
“I think you might be onto something”.said Lamb………
So last night I came home, and read about Joshua ,and I also remembered a story about Father Tim, in the super book “Sing a New Song” by Jan Karon. Father Tim made a Jericho Walk when he was trying to break down a “wall ” to someone’s heart.
 So today I got up early ,it was a gorgeous, cool, June  Sunday morning. The Sabbath, the 7th day, we need 7 Team and Wil and I would walk 7 times and offer that time in prayer to the Lord of miracles.

Will (my big black Labrador) is ALWAYS happy to take a walk!
 I had decided to walk 7 times aroung the city block which houses the Isaiah 40 building, because I figure we need to break down the “wall” that is stopping those 7 Team members from stepping into Isaiah 40 with their luggage on the first day of Training.

Each time around the block I prayed for one person. We do have some “possible” names and we also have some people out there who are diligently contacting other “possibles”. 
Wil and I circled arouind and around. He got a bit discouraged towards the end…and we also got some puzzled looks from people in the neighbourhood!!

“Why do we keep walking around just one block today?. My paws are getting tired. Let’s GO HOME”. 
If you’ve met Wil,you know he is pretty strong and VERY “Wilfull”!!! so , by the last couple of circuits I had to pull hard to keep him on the route.
 But ( or BUTT?) we did it!!!
It took 1 1/4 hours ……
We have a God of miracles ,and only a God of miracles can help us now, BUT…I’ve done what Lamb and I think is right and I hope the Lord will see my Jericho walk as a fit prayer offering and a pledge not to give up until we knock down those “walls,” fill up our Teams, and send them all ( with the WHOLE flock) .out to visit children, across Canada, bringing them the Good News of Jesus’ love.

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  1. Hi, Lamb! Love your blog. I subscribed to make sure I get all your updates! Hope your whole flock gets to travel this summer!

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