It seems as if
a very short time has elapsed since I last wrote a post, of course last week I
did end up finishing it on Monday so I guess that is accurate!

      The Office is
back to up and running ( I never really stopped working, just did so at more
random hours!) and I’m happy to report that business is brisk! The last few
days have brought news of 2 local churches (one Presbyterian, one Anglican)
interested in hosting Day Camps , Arnee is busy typing and sending me back
Chapters to review, he Music Chapter has been submitted(YAY!!!), and, as I
write the Staff of CTM’s Senior Youth Camp 
is meeting in my Living room. I think I can say that things are back to
normal(?) after the delightfully different weeks of the Advent and Christmas Season.

      Klara returned
on Monday evening and started back at school on Tuesday morning. I have
completed all the changes in the house decorations and I even finished wrapping
Seren’s Birthday gift earlier today  (only
1 week late, but I do not think 4 yearolds are too fussy).I spent some of my
down-time over Christmas  I knitted her a
“Ballet” sweater and since she is wildly keen on tutus I also went on-line and
found a “no-sew” tutu here. I warn you, I have done a LOT of sewing and craft work,
and it took me about 3 times as was indicated by the perky lady on the video !!
however, it is well worthwhile doing, and I think she is going to like it.

Since there seem to be a gazillion interruptions- people
wanting more cocoa, popcorn, firewood etc. I think I’ll wrap up for today and
tackle blog template design work………

    The  Camp Staff are all drinking Spanish Hot
Chocolate so I thought I would share the recipe as it is a bit different and
January really calls for a lot of Hot Chocolate ( at least around here!)
                                        Spanish Hot Chocolate
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup water
2Tbsp Cornstarch
1 litre milk

Combine cocoa powder, cornstarch and water in food processor, pulse to blend.
Add honey and pulse until well-combined.
Place milk in a large pot, whisk in chocolate mixture.heat to simmering over medium heat. Simmer for 10mins. stirring frequently. Serve hot. Makes approx. 6 servings

Sunday Thoughts…….

      It has been pouring with rain all day here but just as I began to type now the sun has come out, what a treat!

     Despite the yucky weather we had a huge turnout (well for us, that means about 50) at church, with lots of people returning who have been away for Christmas.

    Nick’s message was based on the Gospel Reading for today- Luke 3:15-22, he spoke about how the Baptism of Jesus established His “Identity” as the Messiah.

Nick asked -by who’s gauge do we establish our identity?”-ourselves? the world?

or do we also want to recognize that God has established our identity according to His plan for us and we should always be following that template of who we are.

Good food for thought in the week to come!

Before church I was able to present Seren with her birthday gift and, judging by her wide smile as she immediately wriggled into the sweater and tutu, I think it was a success!!
         The very best part of my Sunday occurred as I was layering on sweaters, scarf, hat and cloak to prepare for a long wet walk home:- Pippa and Paul approached me carrying their youngest child, Tighe. They asked me if I would be willing to stand as his Godmother. I was thrilled!!

        Pippa and Paul hold a very special place in my heart and they have always included me in the special times since their wedding (for which I did all the flowers, but that is another story)
       Pippa is the third of the six young women who have served as my secretary at CTM and, as the one who worked alongside me, and supported me during the dark days of my Mum’s final illness, she is very dear to me.

     The Brotherwoods and Bradys have made me feel as welcome as “family”

but to take on the role of Godmother brings me into the family circle in a deeper way and I am just so joyful !

........Now I must ponder a Baptismal gift for this, my third Godson in as many years! Whew, insta-family!!!!!