Brrrr! It has suddenly become totally
“Fallish” around here! We haven’t yet had a frost but have come mighty close.
It is, however, sunny so yesterday seemed the right day to bring in the deck
furniture lay the coco matting on the front stairs and plant the hardy
chrysanthemums in the garden for some pops of colour. Still haven’t seen any
geese flying over but several times I have heard them.
          The week began with an overnight visit on
Monday from Victoria and baby Andrew, as she had a Board meeting to attend in Montreal
that evening. I was holding a Children’s Ministry Team meeting at home so Baby
Andrew joined in and was quite a hit with cuddles shared all around.
         Then Tuesday was the Consecration and
Installation of our new Bishop, Mary Irwin-Gibson. Victoria and Andrew stayed
with me until after lunch but they were over at Isaiah 40 for most of the
morning so I was able to get office work done and then had a short afternoon
and a VERY early supper before heading to the Cathedral for 6pm as I had been
asked to sign some documents in the office of the Executive Archdeacon. It was
a mild evening but absolutely TEEMING with rain so I felt rather squelchy upon
arrival but dried out during the extremely long, thought very edifying Service!

rest of the week has seemed quite tame after all that excitement.
I was
very pleased on Wednesday morning to find the Fall Coffeehouse Poster waiting
in my Inbox and sent it off to Henry at the copy centre. It looks great and I
will be handing out copies tomorrow, and hanging one up both at Isaiah 40 and
at Church on Sunday.
       As you will have noticed it is only Friday
but it is necessary to prepare this post today since things are gearing up for
tomorrow when I am catering a lunch for Christian Nurses at Isaiah 40 and then
hosting the Fall Team Gathering  @ 6pm at
        Janice and Tim (the two overnight supervisors
from the Retreat Week) are our Speakers and I have now heard from 15 young
people who will be attending.
        After CTM work this morning I shall launch
into making sandwich fillings and three kinds of salads for the nurses group
and then later in the day set up the buffet table for the Gathering, as I shall
be out. Tomorrow, until mid-afternoon serving the lunch and when I get home
there will be a cake to ice for the dinner and hot cider to mull.
        Before agreeing to the catering job I had
already arranged or a visit over dinner this evening with Jessica (friend and
colleague on the Day Camp Committee) so part of my brain is also thinking about
prepping for that.
        At this season of Thanksgiving I am once
again blown away by all the goodness that fills my days and so very thankful to
be able to serve in this Ministry with all the craziness and love, which comes
with the activities of each new day!
  One of the salads I’m about to launch into
assembling is my Red Cabbage Coleslaw so that will be this week’s recipe.
  Here goes…..
                                                  Autumn Coleslaw
medium head red cabbage                       

1 large
½ cup
½ cup
toasted sunflower seeds
½ cup plain
½ cup
mayonnaise (I use Veganaise)
Tbsps. agave
1 tsp.
celery seed
¼ cup
apple cider vinegar
or shred the vegetables in a food processor according to your preference. (I
use the slicing blade for the cabbage and the grating blade for the apple and
vegetables and raisins in a large serving bowl and toss well.
In a
small bowl, combine the yoghurt, Veganaise, agave and vinegar and whisk until
the dressing over the veggies and toss with a wide rubber spatula. Chill for a
couple of hours then sprinkle with the sunflower seeds just before serving.