As I start today’s Post, rain is lashing against the windows and the vast
expanse of ice continues to make the thought of the next expedition with Wil a
very scary prospect! God has been so good to me over the past treacherous week,
sending angels to keep me from falling, although there have been a number of
close calls!

      A comforting aroma of cabbage rolls is now beginning to pervade the house as large
slow-cooker pot has just been filled in anticipation of tonight’s Epiphany Team

looks as if almost 20 people will be in attendance, the buffet table is all set
up, boot trays waiting in the hall and a giant pot of Hot Lemonade waiting to
be warmed on the stove. Team Members are made of strong stuff and a little
gross weather does not deter them, so far no one has phoned to ask if the event
is cancelled.

Once again, this has been a very full week.

Monday morning began with the stripping of the Christmas Tree.Removing it from the house was
quite an adventure; manoeuvring down the outside stairs and along the ice
covered path, as that day we were also experiencing 90km winds. After packing all the ornaments and sweeping up a pile of pine needles my attention was
turned to other aspects of “Changing the Decorations”.

Tuesday the house was cleared of all the other Christmas paraphernalia-
china, linens, bedding,wreathes etc. and given a good clean so that Wednesday there was a blank
slate on which to arrange everything for Epiphany & Winter.

 Each morning I was also working at the
computer and the week brought 2 more Day Camp Host Churches plus a flurry of
correspondence around the Program Manual Chapters as Arnee has made a short
trip back to Montreal, before returning to the UK at the end of the month and plans to begin her mammoth task of “Manual Typing”.

Wednesday afternoon Pippa dropped by with Seren so I could give her the birthday
gift I had made. She seemed to really like the Gnomey Hat and Gnome Maiden.
Then Thursday morning Jill came over with Emma and Owen, to return the CTM
projector she had borrowed. We enjoyed some coffee while Wil tried to steal the
children’s cookies, with the usual chaos ensuing!And yesterday Barb popped in to check out the Seasonal decor.


A bit of space carved was out of the week in which to finish the hoodie for Michelle’s
baby, and to make a gnome for her 3 year old little boy. I’m also planning to make some sweet hair clips for the two older girls and a garland of little fabric flags as a
“house” gift. All of which I very much hope Arnee will be good enough to  take back to the UK.

With the hoodie finished more knitting has been cast-on, the next project
being a pair of felted Norwegian-style mittens for myself before launching back
into baby gifts since there are two or three more little ones on the way!

Tomorrow I hope to write a post on tonight’s Gathering and perhaps a bit
about the Epiphany Intergenerational Service at Church, we’ll see how that goes!

Yesterday afternoon I did some bread baking and put together a Salmon
Strata for my dinner. It makes tasty comfort food for cold January nights.

Smoked Salmon Strata

1 tin organic smoked salmon

100grams feta cheese

5 eggs

1 cup milk

1 Tbsp. fresh rosemary

1 500-gram loaf focaccia or a baguette

2 Tbsp. melted butter

Lightly grease a medium soufflé dish and set aside. Tear the bread into rough chunks, flake the
salmon and crumble the feta. In a medium bowl beat together the eggs and milk.

Make two or three repeated layers of bread,
salmon, feta and rosemary in the souffl
é dish, beginning with bread and ending with cheese and rosemary.
Pour the egg and milk mixture over everything and drizzle with the melted
butter. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour, or up to overnight. Remove from fridge
30minutes before baking. Bake in a 350F. oven for 45-50minutes. Serves 4