Easter Day

Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

It had not been my intention to see the sunrise, but Wil asked to go out
at 5:55am so there I was standing in the gloom of the grey lane as he sniffed
around, privileged to see it! And it was just as well I was up early since my
Sunday wake-up call from the UK came soon after 7. It’s a good thing I’ve never
been a late riser!!

The weather is bright, sunny and cold here so we had a brisk early walk
and it was so lovely that I decided to also walk home from church.

      There was only one child, George, in our
children’s group this morning although there were several toddlers, all of whom
enjoyed my special snack of fresh strawberries and apple squares. George and I
re-created the Easter Story on our big felt board and then spent a pleasant
time decorating large white card butterflies. 

lunch several more people were coerced into participating in next Sunday’s
“Stations of the Resurrection” since 3 of those who agreed to help last week have
since discovered other commitments preventing them from coming. We may need to
have a couple of people acting 2 parts!

The walk home took me through the quiet streets of Westmount, a longer,
winding route up some steep hills, carefully avoiding the busier “shopping” streets.  Cardinals chirping and the sun shining, there was ample opportunity to replay the morning in my head.

The story time with George had been special, just a simple short
reflection on the Gospel, listening to a 5 year old’s “take” on this pivotal
passage. I will miss George’s family when they return to England this summer. George
assured me after church that he plans to take back to Manchester all the crafts
he has made at church “so he will remember me”… I nearly cried, so sweet!

   It had been good, a small and thoughtful gathering, a reverent partaking of the
Lord’s Supper with the honour of administering the chalice,ending with just a small exciting “extra” when George urgently told
Nick-“there is smoke behind you!” and sure enough the guitar amp appeared about
to catch fire!! AGH! 

Quickly Nick pulled out the plugs, quite a dramatic

This afternoon I am listening to Stainer’s “The Crucifixion” while doing
some sewing and making a batch of caramel ice cream as a special Easter dinner dessert

        I shall be alone and so  am braising a single lamb shank to be served with
spinach salad and couscous. The afternoon is winding down as I sit in the
sunny bay window with Wil at my feet. This evening I shall watch another
YouTube Easter Service. 

       All in all a gentle Easter Day, full of small Blessings!

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