Well despite the fact that we have had a
few sprinklings of SNOW in Montreal this week, I can declare that Spring has
truly arrived because I have now seen THREE robins, YAY!  a joyous occurrence in this frigid part of
the world. After last week’s glorious and even hot weather this week has been consistently
rainy and cold so no further progress can be made on exterior Spring work. I am
very anxious to stain the front stairs and porch floor since they always take
quite a beating from salt and gravel on the MANY pairs of boots that tramp in
and out all Winter, but I guess I just need to be patient.

     HA patience!!! a virtue needed around here in
large quantities as still no more Team Applications have materialized and yet
almost every day there is an enquiry from another new church hoping to host a
Day Camp. Some of these people have to be told that there are no spaces available,
always a difficult response, but usually tempered with the suggestion that they
contact the community nearest to them, which will be hosting a Camp and ask if
they will accept extra Campers (most places are only too happy to welcome more
children). This way a new church can experience what our Program offers and be
ready to apply early for next Summer.

       So the
juggling act continues and prayers for Team Members intersperse my days as I go
over lists of potential applicants and compose “blurbs” to be placed in various
Newsletters and on youth ministry websites.

      Our Church Schedule is almost FULL, which is
fabulous this early in the Spring, but it is still a bit scary to promise all
those Camps with no Teams yet to send, and so I repeat to myself “have faith, believe “…and keep on

      The committee meeting last Monday evening was
most heartening. I am continually grateful for such super committee members,
their zeal for the ministry, their creativity and willingness to give so much
to Day Camps is SUCH a blessing and for myself, the opportunity to physically
meet with them sharing in a devotion time, a meal and then discussing all the
needs of the ministry is truly invaluable.

       Yesterday there was an added bonus of
“physical” support in the shape of Jillian who came for the day to catch up on
everything (she had sent regrets to Monday’s meeting) and to assemble the music
binders, which each Team carries. These important folders include all the sheet music and overheads.
Eventually overheads will become completely redundant but for the present we
are still including them in our supplies.

      Jillian also did some great “badgering” via
email and text and it was super to spend a day talking “shop”. Although it is really
not viable to employ a secretary any more I do miss the collegiality of working
alongside someone else and will enjoy the help of various volunteers as we
approach the season of “frenzy”!!!

      As previously noted, it has been impossible
to progress with outdoor home improvements this week, so instead  I have done some
plastering and painting and am pleased with all the fresh results.

      Crafting was also squeezed in with the
completion of a summer shrug, knit from some lovely organic cotton yarn, which I
had received as a Christmas gift,
also  the completion of my calligraphy commission,
soon to be sent  off to the framers.

     So today is Bake & Blog, interspersed with
a little outdoor sweeping and hopefully time to cut out another summer dress, since
even though it is still mighty cold, Summer will come!!

      A few friends have asked about my recipe for
soft Greek Pita, which I use for Souvlaki and Gyros. I did search out a recipe
online but it had some mysterious terminology, probably a translation problem.
So here is my “Canadian” version.

    It is
quick, easy and really way better
than the bought kind.

here is the link for the super-easy Slow Cooker Chicken Gyros filling!

Pita Bread

3½ cups
unbleached flour

1 tsp.
each salt and sugar

1¼ cups
warm water

1 tsp.

the flour and salt in the bowl of a food processor. Pulse a few times to

In a
cup or jug that pours well, dissolve the yeast in the warm water, with the

the motor running, add the yeast mixture to the flour and process until the
dough forms a ball.

the dough to a greased bowl and allow to rise for 30-45minutes.

On a
floured surface, divide the dough into 6 pieces and roll each into a 7” circle.
Prick each pita all over the surface with a fork.

Heat a
large dry frying pan over medium heat. Cook each pita for 2-3 minutes on each
side, or until lightly flecked with brown.

on a warm plate covered with a tea towel. Serve immediately, or wrap in
plastic, to keep it soft until ready to use.

also freeze well.