April is zipping along around here and it is finally beginning to feel
like Spring! Monday we will be holding our monthly Day Camp Committee meeting
at which point we really need to grapple with a few key issues- like the on-going
need for TEAM MEMBERS and LEADERS! and the holes still needing to be filled in
the Day Camps Schedule.
bit of progress has been happening in these areas as we now have two Team
Applications (only need about 16 more
J) and
one more Church Application came this past week. There are still 6 slots to
fill, including 2 in New Brunswick; it would be great to solve that problem
order to offset the feelings of impending doom, I have spent time doing some
Retreat Week tasks. One afternoon I block-printed 40 note cards, which will be
used to write personal prayer letters to each Team Member and Thank You notes
to everyone involved in the Retreat. (Mandu “helped” by sitting on top of the
cards, mercifully after the paint had dried!!)

also looked at the Retreat menus and compiled a list for the advance Cooking
& Baking schedule, as the plan is to begin in the month of May.
Tomorrow evening is Crossroads Youth Service and we are hoping to record
the Day Camp Liturgical Dance when a group of young people present it. I’m
meeting them at 530pm to teach the choreography and if all goes well we should
have a recording done by 7pm!
today has been spent on a marathon Spring Cleaning binge of window and curtain
washing. Last Thursday I removed the coco matting from the front stairs so
today I also restained the stairs and porch floor. Saturday is the best day for
that task since it involves having to enter and exit the house through the back
door, which can be a little complicated when Wil is in a hurry to go out!
Jillian joined me for several hours of “Minion” work, mostly the compiling of
the new Music Binders but also some upgrades to this Blog (notice the links for
Instagram and Facebook?). We had Rhubarb Crunch as a Spring Luncheon
celebration and I got some giant oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate chip
cookies baked too.
Afternoons during the week, along with such
duties as transcribing the minutes of the April Diocesan Council meeting, I had
a more enjoyable time sewing some cute little trousers for the baby son of one
of our 2014 Team Leaders, now married and living in Edmonton. They were so
quick to make that I sewed 5 pairs so now I have some on hand for quick
gifting. And yesterday I began making a bunch of Flower earrings in polymer clay, as my contribution to the carfts table at the Spring Coffeehouse.
This post is not getting published until
the evening since dinner was a bit late due to rinsing the last batch of
curtain panels. I counted that there are a total of 23 panels to wash
throughout the house! Mercifully, before 9am this morning, I prudently prepared
a pot of slow-cooker chilli and so was able to sit down to a rib sticking meal
with only a couple of last minutes garnishes to add. It certainly is pleasant
to eat dinner with the sun still shining and as I write, at 7pm, some of the
curtains are still hanging outside to catch the last rays and the evening
breeze. Despite putting in an 11 hour day, all the windows are not yet
completed so I guess I’ll be finishing the top floor at the same time as
preparing dinner for the Day Camp Committee on Monday.
Regular readers will know that, every year,
to remember my Mum, I bake Tropic Aroma Cake, on April 18th. This year her
birthday falls on the same day as the committee meeting so it was a no-brainer
to decide what we would be having for dessert! The main course is going to be a
chicken and pesto pasta salad. All the food prep will need to happen Monday
because, as mentioned earlier, tomorrow I won’t be home for long in the
afternoon before heading back to St. Stephen’s house for Crossroads.
Before I wash up my dinner dishes I need to share a recipe. Last evening
I made a very quick and tasty supper of mushroom and Gouda Quesadillas. They
would also make a nice quick lunch or even be good for breakfast!
Mushroom Quesadillas

-8” flour tortillas (preferably Homemade)
 8 oz.
brown or white button mushrooms, sliced
6 oz. Gouda cheese, shredded
2 Tbsps. Olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste
8 oz. baby spinach
2 Tbsps., fresh lemon juice
Heat a large heavy frying pan, on medium
heat and add the oil. Fry the sliced mushroom for approx. 8 minutes, until
cooked but not dry. Lay out the tortillas on a clean surface and place an equal
portion of mushrooms on half of the tortilla. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and
top with handful of shredded cheese. Fold each quesadilla in halve and press
the edges firmly. Return the frying pan to the heat and cook two quesadillas at
a time, flipping when nicely browned. Once the cheese is melted remove he first
to from the pan and add the second pair. Keep the quesadillas warm in a low
Cut each one into two or three wedges.
On serving plates arrange half the baby
spinach on one side, sprinkled with lemon juice, place the wedges of quesadilla
on the other side of the plate.

Serves 2.